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When you think of Mobile Search you think of some of the biggest companies in the world, Google, Yahoo, and AOL. Rightfully so, these companies see the value of extending their services to capture the fast growing mobile market. So it was a surprise for us when we came upon 4INFO, a relatively small and obscure website but packed so many features that the bigger companies don’t even offer. 4INFO is not a web crawler where it crawls website but more of a local directory and real-time search. It is similar to Google and Yahoo! SMS where you can search for ‘chinese 90210’ and get a listing of Chinese restaurants in your area.

Unlike Google SMS and Yahoo! SMS 4INFO allows you to visit their WAP site to get results instead of incurring carrier fees if we were to SMS. However if you wanted to throw away some money there is also the option to SMS 4INFO at 44636 and search that way. However, we’re all Blackberry users with data plans so going through their WAP site is much easier and doesn’t cost us extra.

Here is a list of features which blow Google and Yahoo away:

Stock Quotes
Yellow Pages
Sports Scores
Flight Times
Movie Times
Fantasy Sports Stats
Pickup Lines

You can learn more at http://www.4info.net

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