RIM plans to use more off-shore production


Research In Motion Ltd. plans to move more of its manufacturing off shore in the next couple of years as demand for its BlackBerry products grows and its development process is fine tuned, the company says. The vast majority of today’s BlackBerrys are made in a 192,000-square-foot factory near the company’s headquarters in Waterloo, Ont. But as the popularity of the devices continues to soar, phone companies around the world that sell BlackBerry wireless e-mail and data services have been pushing RIM for shorter order process times and stressing the need to carry less inventory.

At a technology forum yesterday, put on by a division of the Toronto-Dominion Bank, analysts quizzed RIM on plans for expanding manufacturing operations to lower-cost countries.

Dennis Kavelman, RIM’s chief financial officer, said the company had already contracted some manufacturing to the Hungarian operations of Elcoteq Network Corp., an electronics services company headquartered in Finland.

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