Can Windows Mobile squash BlackBerry?


Microsoft admits Research in Motion’s BlackBerry device dominates the market in handheld e-mail provision, but contends its own solution can cut costs for enterprises — a claim RIM denies.

“Research in Motion is obviously a core competitor in the mobile information space, and you could say they’ve done a good job of owning that environment,” Microsoft’s Pieter Knook said during a recent visit to Sydney. The US-based executive is senior vice president, mobile and embedded devices and communications division.

John Hennessey, his counterpart in Australia, agreed with Knook and further admitted his company’s Windows Mobile solution had so far “struggled” to gain mindshare with management-level executives.

The BlackBerry solution is widely marketed by mobile carriers like Telstra, Optus and Vodafone as a handheld e-mail platform. In contrast, Hennessey maintains the growth of Windows Mobile-based devices — despite being quietly sold by the same carriers — has mainly come from IT managers implementing the solution internally on their own.

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