Campaign To Stop Driving While Talking


The UK government is starting a new advertising campaign to remind car drivers that it is illegal to drive while holding a mobile phone. The 10 second advert will be shown in cinemas from 12-19 September, 14-21 November, 30 January-05 February 2006 and 06-12 March 2006. The ad shows a mobile phone with the consequences of driver distraction appearing on the phone and concludes with the simple message ‘Switch off before you drive off’.

This year the mobile phone campaign will concentrate on cinema and radio advertising encouraging drivers to get into the habit of switching off their mobiles before driving.

The THINK! campaign want to encourage the audience to repeat this behaviour in their vehicles, and explaining that by leaving their phone on they could be tempted to answer it which could be dangerous or even fatal.

You can watch the cinema advert here …