Concrete Software Joins BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program

Concrete Software, a leading provider of entertainment and personal productivity applications for the mobile marketplace, today announced that the company has joined the BlackBerry® ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Alliance Program. Concrete Software sells an assortment of premium software to BlackBerry users through the Handango Powered Software Store for BlackBerry, as well as, through many other websites and carriers. Concrete Software’s titles include top-selling games and personal productivity applications, such as, Aces Texas Hold’em™ - No Limit, Aces Omaha - No Limit, Links Scorecard, and many more.

Under the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program RIM will work closely together with Concrete Software providing more technical, marketing, and sales support, enabling Concrete to develop and sell more compelling BlackBerry software.

Concrete Software’s alliance with RIM is reflective of the larger trend towards the increasing popularity of applications specifically designed to run on BlackBerry devices, including applications for productivity and play.

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