Enable Sub Folder Email Redirection

With BlackBerry Enterprise Server 4.0, both the Inbox and Sent Items folders are set up by default to forward email to the handheld. With BlackBerry Enterprise Server 3.6, only the Inbox is set up by default to forward email to the handheld.

To set up sub-folders of the Inbox to receive redirected email, follow the steps below. Folder redirection can be defined from Desktop Manager or the handheld.

Note: The settings only apply to new messages received after the Folder redirection changes have been saved.

Set up from Desktop Manager

1. Open Desktop Manager. Double-click Redirector Settings.
2. Select the Advanced tab. In the Folder redirection section, select the Selected folders option. Click the Choose Folders button
3. In the Choose Folders window, expand the Inbox.
4. Select the Inbox and any additional folders you want to enable redirection on. Click OK > OK.

Set up from the handheld

To set folder redirection on the handheld, the BlackBerry Handheld Software must be version 4.0 or higher.

1. From the Home screen on the handheld, go to Messages.
2. Click the trackwheel and select Options > Email Settings.
3. Click the trackwheel and select Folder Redirection.
4. In the Folder Redirection menu, expand the Mailbox by highlighting it, clicking trackwheel and selecting Expand.
5. Under the Mailbox, expand the Inbox by highlighting it, clicking the trackwheel and selecting Expand.
6. Highlight the folder you want to enable redirection on. Click the trackwheel and select Change Option.

Note: If you are unable to select Expand for any of the folders, or if the Change Option menu option is unavailable, try turning Wireless Reconcile on the handheld off and then on again. You can find Wireless Reconcile in Messages > Options > Email Reconciliation.
7. Click the trackwheel and select Save to save your changes.

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  1. 1 stacey

    I dont have a redirector settings, or any email settings at all on my desktop manager. I am not on an enterprise server. I would like to file emails in seperate folders but dont understand how to manage the emails like that. The only folders available are the default folders such as “browser msgs”, “missed calls”, “phone logs” etc. I actually need to understand the enterprise server vs. internet server concept also. Can you educate me on this concept? thanks.

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