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Emergency Communication For Blackberry Users


Hurricane Katrina
Hurricane Katrina has come and gone but in her wake has left major destruction, including communication failure. We are going to repost our Emergency Communication Tips for Blackberry users that we put up during the London Subway attacks when communications failed aswell.

So here’s our list of advice

1. Invest in a Blackberry 5790 on the Mobitex network. They proved their reliability during 9/11 and can also be used in the air, have better coverage through buildings, and is data-only.

2. Send PIN 2 PIN messages instead of email or voice. PIN messages go directly through the Blackberry network and does route through the internet. So if there’s a catastrophic event and the internet is down, PIN messaging is your best bet. PIN messages is also typically smaller than email, so it’ll keep the strain down on the network. Another benefit is that you will know when someone receives and reads your message which is not the case with email.

3. Keep your address book up-to-date with your contact’s Blackberry PIN. This can be hard because some people switch Blackberrys several times a year but you will be glad you did if anything happens.

4. Send SMS to non-Blackberry users.

5. Send emails if you can not reach anyone by PIN or SMS messages. Email is still less bandwidth intensive than voice so you still have a good chance of your email going through.

Law Firm Blackberry Deployment Case Study


Lawyers are often one of the most on-the-go groups of professionals, meeting with clients, attending court and traveling to a variety of locations around the country. Mintz Levin’s lawyers are no exception and rely on email to stay-in-touch. Until recently, they used PDAs and laptops to communicate, but weren’t able to read attachments, access document management systems or bill time when they were out of the office.

After a pilot project with BlackBerry Wireless Handhelds on the BlackBerry Enterprise Serverâ„¢, Mintz Levin’s Information Services group jumped in with both feet, instantly deploying 525 BlackBerry handhelds accompanied by Onset Technology’s METAmessage application for document conversion. Equipped with their new productivity-saving handhelds, they found numerous benefits including …

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Smart Dialing Configuration


Smart Dialing
Yesterday, we told you how to unlock your phone if you’re travelling overseas. Today we’re going to show you how to setup smart dialing and configure dialing for your appropriate area. The smart dialing feature on the handheld allows you to set a default Country Code and Area Code. To call a number with the default area code, you need to dial only seven digits, whether you are calling from within the area code or outside it. Smart dialing also allows you to store the number for a corporation. To reach an extension within that corporation, you need to dial only Alt + 8 (letter X) and the extension.

To configure smart dialing go to Phone –> Options –> Smart Dialing.

Country Code -The code for the country which you call most frequently.

Area Code – The area code which you call most frequently.

National Number Length – The number of digits in the telephone number including Area Code but excluding Country Code.

Corporate Phone Number – The number of the corporation which you call most frequently.

Wait For – The length of the pause in seconds between connecting to the corporation and dialing the extension.

Extension Length – The number of digits in the extensions at the corporation called most frequently.

Blackberry Helps Blogger During Hurricane


Hurricane Katrina generated everything from eyewitness reports to prayers on the Internet on Monday. Kaye Trammell of Baton Rouge set up a Web log, or blog, to let her family and friends know what was happening. “It sounds like someone is standing outside both my door & all my windows & shaking them. Hard,” she wrote early Monday morning.

“I’ve got to” keep blogging, she said around midday, talking on her battery-powered BlackBerry wireless e-mail and cell phone handset, which she used when power failed. “If I’m not posting (friends and family) will freak out.” Her Web address: Trammell, 29, is a communications professor at Louisiana State University.

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Orative Adds “Presence” to BlackBerry Devices


Orative is expanding the reach of its presence software to include Research In Motion’s (RIM) BlackBerry device users with the introduction of the Orative Client Software for BlackBerry devices. The software allows users to control their own availability status and see when others are available before placing a call.

“Mobile devices are a critical part of daily communications in the enterprise, and BlackBerry is a popular choice with many business professionals,” Orative CEO Paul Fulton said in a prepared statement. “With Orative software, BlackBerry users can now view the availability status of their colleagues right from the phonebook to determine whether it is more efficient to reach a person by making a call or sending a message.”

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Verizon Expanding EV-DO Coverage


Verizon Wireless has expanded its EV-DO wireless broadband network to more customers as it added seven new markets to the growing list of areas where its two EV-DO (Evolution-Data Optimized) based services, BroadbandAccess and V CAST, are available. Today, Verizon Wireless’ EV-DO network now includes the major metropolitan areas and airports in Baton Rouge, LA; Charlotte and Raleigh Durham, NC; Denver; Louisville, KY; and San Francisco and Sacramento, CA. Seeing how the next generation of Blackberrys are slated to have high speed wireless technology built-in, this is very welcomed news.

Dick Lynch, executive vice president and chief technical officer for Verizon Wireless, said: “We made the promise that Verizon Wireless’ broadband network would be widely-available by the end of 2005, and here we are today, fulfilling that promise. It should come as no surprise that we are ahead of schedule – after all, this is what we do, we build networks. We are confident that our deployment and network technology will enable customers to reap the benefits of the nation’s only national wireless broadband network.”

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