Texas Hold’em King 2 Reviewed

Texas Hold\'em King 2
It seems like No Limit Texas Hold’em is everywhere these days. Now you can be just like the pros on T.V. with Magmic’s sequel to their popular Hold’em game for BlackBerry. The game is simple: each player is given two pocket cards, and then using them in combination with five community cards, must make the best possible five card hand. THK2 spices up the action, by adding network play so you can go all in against players all over the world. Read our review below.


This game is huge, weighing in at around 225kb. This must be due to the crisp graphics and quality poker AI. There is also a free 3-day trial available that you can download by pointing your Blackberry device to http://bb.magmic.com


Like we’ve said before, the graphics in this game are sweet. Everything is crisp and well defined, with vibrant colours. The overall graphical feel to the game also perfectly suits the Las Vegas poker aesthetic. This game obviously looks best on the new 7100 BlackBerries, but is more than playable on older models. Unfortunately, there is no sound to the game, but that’s not so bad as it’s not really necessary and only drains battery life, anyways.

The poker AI in this game is pretty tough, greatly improved over THK1. Entering into the three day World Series feels like the endurance match that it should be. Each poker player plays one of a few different types of styles (aggressive, passive, bluffer), so you won’t be able to play the same way against everyone. While the poker AI has a tendency of going all-in with slightly marginal hands, in general, playing against the AI feels like playing real people.

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  1. 1 Steve

    In playing this game in World Series Mode it readily becomes evident that the game is not winnable. The reason for this is each of the 5000 players at the beginning of the tournament start with 1500 chips. That’s 7.5 million chips total. When I was playing I got down under 300 remaining players on day 4. I had over 8 million chips myself and had several other players at my table with over 1 million chips each. That doesn’t include the other 290 + players still in the tournament. While I enjoy the game if it isn’t realistic then whats the use?

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