Weekend Contest: ‘Share Your Blackberry Tips’

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This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Share Your Blackberry Tips’. Rules are simple, just post a Blackberry tip or two that you think would benefit other Blackberry users. The winner will be chosen randomly and will be announced Monday morning.

This week’s prize is a bit different because everyone is a winner. By being generous and sharing your tips we will return the favor and send everyone that enters a free copy of Texas Hold’em King 2 by Magmic. However, there is also a grand prize in the way of the Card Game Bundle by Magmic which includes: Blackjack, Cribbage, Euchre, Freecell, Hearts, Klondike, Spades, Spider Solitaire and Texas Hold’em 2. To learn more about Magmic games, visit their website at http://www.magmic.com

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57 Responses to “Weekend Contest: ‘Share Your Blackberry Tips’”

  1. 1 Riley W.

    An easy way to lock your 7100 handheld is to hold down the ‘*’. And the rest of the Blackberry models can be locked by pressing Alt+Enter.

  2. 2 Mike J.

    To easly insert your mobile number or your pin number in the body of an email, simply type the ‘mynumber’ or ‘mypin’ and the BlackBerry will replace them with the appropriate data.

  3. 3 John T

    To scroll through individual letters or words rather than entire lines (on a BB7100 at least) hold down the alt key (with the arrow up and down on it) and use the scroll wheel.

    to select text by letter or word press the caps key (aA) and use the scroll wheel..

  4. 4 David W

    When on a call you can quickly switch to/from othe applications by pressing the Alt & Escape buttons.

  5. 5 Jon Maddox

    When calling a number like 1-800-COMCAST on a 7100t, hold down the Alt key, and type in the letters. The letters will be converted to the appropriate tones.

  6. 6 Jeff Baker

    Although it’s easy to Profiles to say go to Quiet mode; you can also customize a profile to change the notification (ring, vibrate, etc.) for each message type (phone, message, calendar). So you can have one sound for an email but a different one for a phone call.

  7. 7 Jim Bask

    Hit alt key and then select an icon and a chocie will come up to “Move the Application.” I use the 7100t with the BBList theme so this handy feature prevents me hvaing to constantly scroll through a long list of applications.

  8. 8 Alan R

    Hold down your shift button and press the trackwheel in, this way you can hide some of the icons on your screen. (especially if youre like me with a hundred and one applications)

  9. 9 Mark Hutchison

    Eliminate 15 lag time when using WebClient:
    The BlackBerry WebClient will poll your email accounts (POP, IMAP, etc) every 15 minutes and push the results to your device; in many cases this delay can make or break time-critical responses. Instead of registering your email accounts within the WebClient, setup an automatic forward from your email server to your device’s BlackBerry address (on Bell Mobility’s network it would be USERNAME@bell.blackberry.net) which delivers in real-time.

  10. 10 John P

    use alt+scrollwheel to paste previous entries into the webbrowser go to field instead of selecting them out of the list.

  11. 11 throne

    If you use Groupwise and forward mail to BWC, have your IT dept put
    into your gwia.conf so that the messages forwarded to you have the correct senders name and address.

  12. 12 MaxC

    To quickily access the BB info screen, click on Alt+Right Shift+H. The Help Me info screen will appear.

  13. 13 John C.

    Press the SPACE key to insert the “@” and “.” characters in an Email field.

    To view the email address of the sender or a recipient, while in the To or From field of a received message, press Q. Press Q again to switch back.

  14. 14 Shareka

    Don’t want people to see your real phone number when they go to the phone option? Go to options and SIM CARD and change your number. It will not affect your service.

  15. 15 Barry Polner

    On the 7100 you can replace the half moon showing signal strength.
    Hold the alt key and type nmll (double key stroke for n)
    It will change to a number. Ant # 90 or under is a good signal.
    The higher the #, the quicker your battery will run down. .

  16. 16 Keith Adest

    If your like me and never really use a program in it’s trial period of 15 or 30 days, there is a simple way to reset the counters and remove all user information in 3rd-party apps.

    If you connect your blackberry to the desktop manager and click on backup and restore. Then click on advance and then clear out the “rms database”. This will give you a little more time to try out applications before you buy.

  17. 17 shawn m harthorn

    For quick templates setup an autotext. ex: replace temp1 with invoice template.

  18. 18 Jeffrey Falk

    On older BB models (pre 7100 for example) if you enter your password incorrectly 10 times the device will wipe itself. Of course on all newer BBs (post 3.8 OS I believe) there is a menu item that allows you to wipe the device.

  19. 19 Richard Sun

    When sending a message to someone on a BES, put at the begining of your subject field and you’ll get a nice delivery notification of when your messages gets delivered to the BlackBerry.

  20. 20 liz

    if you want to quickly scroll /preview hrough your emails, open one and then use N and P to quickly review next and previous emails.
    if you are like me and lke to leave some marked as “unopened” to remember if you have dealt with them, then you need to use this tip when really wanting a click glance (say sneaking blackberrying in during a meeting) as it will leave the email as “opened” so since you have read it quickly you may want to go back and mak it as upopened.

  21. 21 Hugh McKerrow

    A few simple tips:

    To view only received messages Press Alt + 3
    To view only SMS messages Press Alt + Question mark (?) key
    To view only MMS messages Press Alt + 9
    To view the phone call logs Press Alt + Period (.) key
    To view all voice mail messages Press Alt + 7

  22. 22 Yoni L

    To wipe a BlackBerry with handheld software 4.0 go to Security menu (Under Options) click the trackwheel and select security wipe. Type BlackBerry and all information stored on the BlackBerry will be wiped.

  23. 23 Kevin M

    Want to change your “Reply-To” email address on a per-email basis, or have your backlight stay on while your BB is plugged in to external power? You can find a handy set of tools by pointing your blackberry to: http://sourceforge.net/projects/blackberrytools/ and downloading BBLight, BBReply, BBWeather, and BBToday - all free, handy applications.

  24. 24 Justin Crandall

    - Press the alt button to scroll up or down on the application screen
    - Highlight a date in the mail program and you can select mark all prior open or delete prior. I didn’t realize that for a long time!

  25. 25 Mark Hutchison

    The following shortcuts will work within the message list of the Messages app on QWERTY devices:

    [ALT-I] show incomming msgs
    [ALT-O] show outgoing msgs
    [ALT-S] show SMS msgs
    [ALT-V] show voicemail notices
    [ATL-U] toggle unopened status
    [S] search
    [T] go to top
    [B] go to bottom
    [E] go to next-oldest failed delivery
    [U] go to next-oldest unread
    [P] go to previous day
    [N] go to next day
    [J] go to next msg in thread
    [K] go to previous msg in thread
    [R] reply to sender
    [L] reply to all
    [F] forward msg
    [C] compose new msg
    [V] view saved msgs

  26. 26 Markus

    When searching for a name in the adress book, you dont need to enter the whole name, the initials are enough

  27. 27 Corleyman

    On a Nextel BB 7520 the Direct-Connect speakerphone feature works great, except that it automatically ends the DC session after only about 10 seconds of inactivity. If this happens to you, just hit the SPACE button to bring the phone application back up, scroll down one notch to select the last DC session, and then hit the DC button to continue talking.

  28. 28 jamie MacDougall

    In Calendar,

    Create a new appointment Press C
    Go to today Press T
    Go to specific date Press G
    Switch to Day View Press D
    Switch to Week View Press W
    Switch to Month View Press M
    Switch to Agenda View Press A
    View multiple appointments Hold shift key+ roll trackwheel
    Scroll through days Hold Alt key+ roll trackwheel in Day view

  29. 29 Nanook

    I find that with the auto off at 11 PM, and the auto on at 6 AM, I can make my 5720 run for over a week on a single full battery charge.

  30. 30 Lord_ZealoN

    Press ALT+Wheel to change between the open applicacions

  31. 31 Jenny Labiak

    To truly have one touch dialing for your voice mail:
    Select Phone
    Click in track wheel
    Select Options
    Select VoiceMail
    Access Number should already be filled in (your PTN)
    Additional Numbers - enter your passcode

    From now on, all you have to do to retrieve your voicemail is press and hold the 1 key. If you set up your vm to auto play messages, it’s even better!

  32. 32 EagleEye

    For the newbies of the 7100 series (at least), there are ‘in-holster’ and ‘out-of-holster’ options which can be set separately for your phone while in or out of the holster? So what is the holster and how does your phone know where it is? The correctly made holsters have a magnet built in to them that the 7100 picks up and knows to ’sleep’ so that buttons aren’t accidentally pressed while ‘in the holster’. No more calling odd Out-of-Country numbers while getting in and out of the car!

  33. 33 Matt Manuel

    Tired of BB-unfriendly websites on your BB? Try http://www.iyhy.com/ for a nice treat. It “rips” the target site down to the basics, making it surprisingly easy to browse. You can even create an account and it’ll store your favourites: less typing!

    (No affiliation, just a happy user.)

  34. 34 Alex D.

    Quickly switch to Vibrate profile:
    On a 7100t (not sure about other models), if you hold down the # key for a couple seconds it will toggle from your current profile to the Vibrate profile. If you hold down the # again, you will switch back to the previous profile.

  35. 35 Eric R

    Use BBToday as your first icon! Instant access to email, phone, weather reports for next 5 days, stock quotes, tasks, appointments, and more all in one screen.

    Download at: http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=136890&package_id=151079

  36. 36 Eric R

    You can use AOL IM via SMS instead of paying for the AIM Client.

    You can also connect to ICQ using Blackchat: http://sourceforge.net/projects/blackchat/

  37. 37 Lloyd

    With the 7100g you can press and release the button below the LCD with the phone icon to dial by number, or you can press and hold the phone button for a few seconds to bring up the address book to dial people by name.

  38. 38 Neil Magahis

    While viewing a .jpg:
    To move horizontally across an image, hold the ALT key and roll the trackwheel.
    To zoom in on an image, press 3. To continue zooming into an image, hold the Shift key and roll the trackwheel.
    To zoom out from an image, press 9. To continue zooming out from the image, hold the Shift key and roll the trackwheel.
    To return to the original size of the image, press GH

  39. 39 ABer

    To hide or remove an application from the main screen pres Alt+trackwheel and either hide application or move it closer to the front or end of your list

  40. 40 Dan

    Use auto text to create various text shortcuts and misspelling corrections. Pay attention to words you use a lot or misspell a lot. I just type “r” for “are” and “u” for “you”, etc… I also use “thx” for “Thanks.”

  41. 41 Rich

    I use these shortcuts from the main screen all the time…. remember that “Dial From Home Screen” must be off (set this option in the phone application)

    k = lock
    d = notes
    m = mail
    c = compose
    o = options
    f = profiles
    a = address book
    l = calendar

  42. 42 tictacjoe

    Attach a thin strip of sticky velcro to the back of your Blackberry (on the battery cover) to give yourself a nice grip for sliding it out of the holster. Also, if you remove the clip from the holder, the unit fits much better in the front pocket of a pair of jeans.

  43. 43 TCollin6

    Want to remove that top bar when viewing a web-page?? Just press “u” and you will be able to see a little more on your screen!!!

  44. 44 mac fan

    Want to sync contacts, notes, to-dos, calendar with a Mac?

    Use PocketMac for BlackBerry

  45. 45 Fred Tangelder

    I’m many of you travel and thus spend a lot of time in hotel rooms, conferences, meetings, airports, etc… Although another user has posted the 7100’s ability to have different rings while in the holster then when out, I have gone further and created custom profiles for; sleeping in hotels (escalating ring for phone calls only, no vibration, no lights), driving in a car (high volume classic phone ring> I can hear it even over the radio), meetings (vibration only). Also in agreement with the previous user I have different tones for phone, messages, tasks and appointments. Now if they only allowed me to program different rings for different individuals in my address book(one for the wife, one for the boss, one for my golf partner, one for my largest customer), I’d be in heaven!

  46. 46 tinymonster

    Try TrafficEdge to see real time pictures from Traffic Web Cams

  47. 47 Lefty

    In situations where you are on pager support, adjust your profile so the SMS messages are in the Vibrate, Tone, or Vibrate+Tone setting.

    This will allow silence on your standard email coming through Outlook but create a different notification for direct messages

  48. 48 Lee

    If you want to maintain a healthy marriage, try shutting the Blackberry off for a couple of hours when you spend time on weekends with your family. Believe it or not, there is an off button.

  49. 49 Rudy

    An easy way to get picutres onto your blackberry is to email them to youself and save the image onto your blackberry. (image size should be 240 x 160)

  50. 50 Andy

    You can use your blackberry as a flashlite in dark places.

  51. 51 Andy

    You can use your BB as a flash light in dark places!

  52. 52 Eric

    To view the oldest unread message on a 7100, press the >>| key (*) in the Messages app. Repeated presses on this key will scroll up to the next unread message.

  53. 53 Yorick Jurani

    With the newer blackberries, you can remotely generate an encryption key by selecting the options -> security -> desktop, From the menu option you can regenerate your encryption key w/o hooking it up to your computer. =)

  54. 54 denning

    avoid spam

    use a gmail account, forward all your mail to it and then set it to forward to @blackberry.net account, gmail will pick up but not forward you spam.

    even better have bwc client autosent outgoing emails to gmail. setup a filter not to forward you back those emails and they will link in conversation mode.

    oh want google maps for the blackberry, try http://www.freek.ca

  55. 55 chris

    press space on the 7290 to go to the phone screen it puts you directly into the dialing feild

  56. 56 Dan

    On the 7100t, if you want to jump to the top of the list of messages, or to the top of a message, just hit the E/R/1 key.

  57. 57 Chris chekaway

    T-Mobile Curve users who want to download and use the opera mini browser but are having problems….I figured out a foolproof way to make it work….

    1. Go to an area where your phone says EDGE in the top right corner.
    2. If you have already downloaded opera, go into OPTIONS>ADVANCED>APPLICATIONS and delete it.
    3. Turn off your phone and pull the battery to reset it.
    4. When the phone restarts, go to OPTIONS>ADVANCED>TCP and enter wap.voicestream.com where it says APN. Leave username and password blank.
    5. Go into the blackberry browser and go to http://www.operamini.com and click on download link for opera mini 4.0
    6. Before you click the download button, go into browser OPTIONS>CACHE OPERATIONS and delete all cookies,history,pushed content,everything.
    7. After it finishes deleting, click the download button
    8. After opera downloads, click ok. Do not press run!
    9. Go into the browser menu and select CLOSE to close the blackberry browser.
    10. Now you can click the opera icon. When it gets to the page where it shows the usage agreement, you have to hit the menu button go get the ‘I accept’ option. click that and you’re good to go!

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