Weekend Contest ‘Your Other Must Have Gadget’


This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Your Other Must Have Gadget’. We knew if we did a ‘Favorite Gadget Contest’, we would have had tons of Blackberry responses seeing how afterall this is a Blackberry site. So we decided to do a ‘Your Other Must Have Gadget’ contest, where you tell us what other electronic gadget you can’t live without. Just post your answer and you can get a chance to win a Skin Tight case for your Blackberry. Winner will be announced next Monday.

* Note, we only have cases for Blackberry 7200 models. If you do win and do not have a 7200 we can work on another prize for you, so don’t be afraid to post.

27 Responses to “Weekend Contest ‘Your Other Must Have Gadget’”

  1. 1 Martin

    I can’t live without my iPod. I have 2 but may go ahead and buy the new iPod Nano.

  2. 2 jason

    My GPS, I am constantly geocaching whenever I have a free moment. I travel a bunch for work, often getting stuck in a city for a day or two. Gives me a reason to get out of the hotel and see some of the area and exercise.

  3. 3 Steven

    My Logitech Harmony Remote. Other than my 7290, I could not live without it. I ahve too many devices and too many remotes, the Harmony replaces them all!

  4. 4 Lord_ZealoN

    The only “gadget” (other than my bb) without i can’t live is with my ventilator, too hot in south-west spain this dates.


  5. 5 Keith Adest

    My other “IT” gadget is my sony psp. I througougly enjoy a good hours worth of lumines. The psp still blows my mind with what it can do. It has progressed handheld gaming by 5 years imho.

  6. 6 Bruce

    My Shure E3C earbuds. These really sound great and blok out all the noise on airplanes! No tangled cords with the cool little zippered spindle travel case.

  7. 7 Markus

    I can´t live without my binary clock, it´s a clock that shows time in binary…. It´s just to cool to see the faces of friends when they ask “what kind of lightshow is that?” and I tell them it´s a clock… they are really astonished: “and you can read the time from it???” ;)

  8. 8 Jim Bask

    It’s a toss-up.. either my new Universal Remote Control Aurora MX950. (I use a Harmony remote in another room but like the full customiation the MX950 offers) or my Sirius SatRad. At home I need the remote, in the car I need Sirius… My BB is used everywhere

  9. 9 J4vi3r

    for me is my iPod and PSP….

  10. 10 John C.

    My other must have gadget is my new Sony Walkman MP3 player (NWE507P). It’s as small as a memory stick and huge at 1GB… What I liked most about it was that I got it for free using my Sony Visa points. :-)

  11. 11 Hugh McKerrow

    Simple… not really a “gadget”, but I don’t leave home without it… 12.1″ Apple Power Book.

  12. 12 Ben W

    My Hello Kitty Vibrator.

  13. 13 Jon B

    I would have to say my iPod although my external drive is a close third, except when traveling then my wifi usb dongle is a must have.

  14. 14 Andy C.

    My Frontier Labs Nex2 MP3 player. I’ve had it more than two years and it still works to play WMA’s and MP3’s off whatever CF card I have free!

  15. 15 Gareth

    Yes it’s got to be my Shure E3C’s - great for traveling

  16. 16 BJ

    My Blackberry 7250, very cool…..Have all the extra add-in apps…very useful…and most importantly the Web Browser, to kill time when can’t do anything else…

  17. 17 Mark Hutchison

    My iPod Shuffle is probably the one non-BlackBerry toy I use the most. I bought it to use as a portable memory stick … the MP3 playing aspect is just a really big bonus!

  18. 18 Oscar

    My other gadget I cannot live without is my Tungsten C. I know my BB has a calendar, task list, and notes. But I have so many other applications loaded on my Tungsten that I work heavily off both of them.

  19. 19 Bill B

    My other essential gadget is the Squeezebox digital music system. It comes in two parts: the open-source server software that runs on your PC and organizes your music library, and little black box(es) that connects to your network (wired or wireless) and attaches to the audio system in your living-room or anywhere else in the house.
    It then streams not only your music library but just about all Internet radio stations, with full remote control, playlists, random play, etc. Lots of neat extras like alarms, RSS feeds, lyrics, and much more. You can run the same audio feed on every box, or a different stream in each room.

  20. 20 JMar

    Well being LE…I’d have to say my Glock 27!

  21. 21 Steve

    My Neuros MP3 player. Have all my music on it, and have it piped through my car stereo. It broadcasts on FM radio, so works almost anywhere. And carries a 10-hour charge. Had it for a couple years, tempted to move to iPod, but my Neuros “ain’t broke”, so why replace it?

  22. 22 Marcus Turk

    Wow, My must have gadget is my Motorola HS850 bluetooth headset. Sure, I use it with my Blackberry, but it really enhances the experience. My headset allows me to drive safer with hands-free operation. It is crystal clear and has flawless operability. Whether I had my Blackberry or not, I would still have a great need for my headset.

    Thanks for the opportunity to allow me to post.

  23. 23 Rob Earls

    My *other* Blackberry of course :)

  24. 24 Ronald S.

    Sorry I have to keep the Gadgets Blackbery related. I couldn’t live without by blue tooth Jabra ear piece that I use with my Blackberry. Without this I would be trading my blackberry in for a pocket pc andd cell phone.

  25. 25 Paul H.

    Easy…ipod and garmin streetpilot gps. I’m never lost and I always have great tunes wherever I go.

  26. 26 Jason Gilmore

    I have to have my Sony Ericsson bluetooth headset. Without it, I cant bring myself to walk around with my Berry pressed up against my ear shouting “Do I want to go to hell?….oh, no, yea I got your email.”

  27. 27 Kurt D

    My vote goes to my Philips RC9800I/17
    homecontrol remote. Although it was quite pricey, I can control all audio and visual devices as well as my entire digital music and video collecion that is accessed via built-in wi-fi on the remote and I can choose exactly what I want to hear or watch using the easy navigation on the large full color screen.


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