RIM readies Blackberry Electron


Blackberry ElectronSources whisper that Research in Motion (RIM) is readying a new gizmo for overpaid, overstressed and overactive executives. The device, codenamed the “Electron”, will be grey and about the size of a 7290. But it will take a swipe at the Treo by having EDGE and a much better browser. The sources claim that while the screen is likely to be around the same size as the 7200 series BBs, it will have a higher resolution. This could be 320 x 340 resolution.

Further, the Blackberry will include a speakerphone by will use a normal QWERTY keyboard, although the keys themselves will be somewhat squarer, include a few programmable keys, and also have dedicated phone buttons on the keyboard itself. RIM is likely to call this device the 8700