MobileAccess Joins BlackBerry Alliance Program


MobileAccess Networks, a leading provider of in-building wireless solutions, announced today that the company has joined the BlackBerry System Integrator Alliance Program from Research In Motion. Through the Program, MobileAccess will gain access to a broader customer base, fueling the company’s continued growth and increased penetration into key markets including the healthcare, financial services, and government sectors.

The MobileAccess universal wireless system is a technology-agnostic platform that supports virtually any type of wireless service, including wireless service provider offerings and Wi-Fi, and delivers the dependable, strong signal in-building coverage essential for today’s new breed of wireless services and applications. Similarly, the BlackBerry wireless platform offers a comprehensive, far-ranging solution for the communication and corporate data needs of mobile professionals, including email and other corporate data, phone, SMS, Internet and organizer applications. Combined, the companies offer telecom managers and end users, respectively, the significant benefits of an extremely flexible wireless solution as well as increased productivity and convenience.

“BlackBerry has established itself as the de facto wireless platform for corporate and government organizations,” said Cathy Zatloukal, president and CEO of MobileAccess. “The MobileAccess universal wireless system will play a significant and strategic role in winning the emerging battle for the corridor warrior inside the building.”