Virtual Reach Begins Beta Testing for Newsclip 2.0


Virtual Reach Inc. announced today that it is releasing for beta testing the latest version of Newsclip for BlackBerry. Newsclip 2.0 is the result of months of software development at Virtual Reach, culminating in an application that builds significantly on its existing version. While version 1.0 will remain functional, Newsclip 2.0 will replace it as the flagship product.

“With version 2.0, we have truly taken Newsclip to the next level,” commented Tas Tsonis, Chief Executive Officer. “We have made tremendous improvements to the application, from a new user interface to the many feature enhancements. Conceptually, we are where we want to be with our product, giving users a sophisticated, efficient and extremely useful application for reading news and other media of their choice on their BlackBerry device,” he added.

The single most important improvement with version 2.0 is the addition of a server component integrated with the client application. With the server, Newsclip now comes loaded with a host of new features designed to provide users greater flexibility and management capability when it comes to organizing their daily intake of news and content. And with the “automated update” feature, users can program their Newsclip to deliver frequent updates without having to manually access the application.

Virtual Reach is looking for your help in testing its latest Newsclip application. In consideration for your assistance, the first 20 beta testers will be eligible for a free license good for one year once it is released into the market. To sign on for a beta test, please e-mail