George M. Winner of ‘Who Pays For Your Blackberry’ Contest


Congratulations to George M. for winning the ‘Who Pays For Your Blackberry’ Weekend Contest. George M. stated,

My company pays for mine, although I love my Blackberry it would be hard for me to pay for it on my own. Probably because I’m use to having it for free.

Not surprising is that the majority of the responses stated that their company pays for the Blackberry. But what’s interesting is that the majority of corporate Blackberry users did say that they would like to keep their Blackberry, even if the company stopped expensing their bills. And for the few that didn’t, the main reason was the high monthly cost, just like George was inferring in his response.

For his entry, George gets a free copy of trackIT: Vehicle Edition, a vehicle tracking software for the Blackberry . Once again, we want to thank everyone that participated, make sure to enter our next Weekend Contest.