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Kelly asked us,

I have this new icon on my home screen and have no clue what it is, it sorta looks like a square butterfly.

That butterfly icon is actually a book icon, to be specific it is the service book waiting icon. It indicates that a service book that must be accepted by the user has been sent to the handheld. The icon looks like this:

Service Book

To accept a service book:

1. On the handheld Home screen, click Options.
2. Select Service Book.
3. On the Service Book screen, select the service book with the icon beside it.
4. Click the trackwheel and select Accept. The icon changes to a check mark on the Service Book screen and disappears from the Home screen.

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  1. 1 Dane

    Great to know because i have seen that same icon on mine and didn’t know what is was from. What about a small globe icon on the homescreen? This just showed up on one of ours and i found this post while looking for an answer…

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