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IP-Relay Now Available For The Blackberry


IP Relay was the first service to offer deaf and hard of hearing persons the ability to place calls over the Internet. Calls terminating within the United States are placed confidentially and free of charge. Now IP-Relay has came out with a wireless version that will allow you to make IP-Relay calls directly from your Blackberry. It is a little known fact that when RIM’s first paging device came out, the hard of hearing community were one of the first early adopters along with corporate executives. So we’re glad to see the natural progression of the IP-Relay service on the Blackberry.

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Vodacom Launches Blackberry Built-In and Blackberry Connect In South Africa


Vodacom, South Africa’s Leading Cellular Network, and Research In Motion today announced the availability of BlackBerry® Connect™ for the Motorola MPx220 and the Sony Ericsson P910i, as well as BlackBerry Built-In for the Siemens SK65, for the first time in South Africa. BlackBerry Connect and BlackBerry Built-In enable users of the Motorola MPx220, Sony Ericsson P910i and Siemens SK65 to benefit from popular BlackBerry services operating on the Vodacom network.

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Motorola to ship Q December 2005


Motorola Q
Motorola has brought forward the release of its would-be Blackberry-competing smart phone, CEO Ed Zander revealed on Friday. When the mobile phone company launched its Q smart phone in July, it said the QWERTY keyboard-equipped device would ship Q1 2006. According to Zander, speaking to reporters at a Churchill Club event held at the Computer History Museum on Friday, the released was actually pegged to January 2006, but that’s now been moved ahead to December 2005.

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Weekend Contest ‘Who Pays For Your Blackberry’


This weekend’s contest is entitled ‘Who Pays For Your Blackberry’. We all know the Blackberry device is loved in the corporate world, so we’ll probably get a lot of answers that the Blackberrry was provided by the company. So this contest is fairly easy, post who expenses your monthly Blackberry bills. For the corporate Blackberry users, also state whether or not you’ll still keep your Blackberry if your company stopped paying for your Blackberry.

This week’s prize is a copy of trackIT: Vehicle Edition, a vehicle tracking system for Business and Personal use. Tracks maintenance, mileage, fuel, expenses and more.

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trackIT: Vehicle Edition Reviewed


Some of you may cringe at the idea of tracking your monthly gas cost, especially with the rising fuel cost. Well we say, that’s all the more reason to keep track of your gas costs. trackIT: Vehicle Edition can help you with that, it’s a program for the Blackberry that not just tracks your gas expenses but also maintenance, mileage, and more. Read further to see if trackIT is worth the look …

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Ask Us! Blackberry Desktop Manager Remains In ‘Working’


Julie asked us,

Everytime I connect my Blackberry to my computer, Desktop Manager gets stuck on ‘working’ and I am unable to access the program. I already reinstalled Desktop Manager but that didn’t fix it.

There is a problem with the handheld, preventing communication with the desktop, so reinstalling Desktop Manager will not work. You will need to try the following steps:

1. Disconnect the handheld.
2. Reset the handheld by removing the battery from the handheld and re-inserting it.
3. Close and restart Desktop Manager.
4. Connect the handheld and open Desktop Manager. Desktop Manager should function normally.

If this does not solve the problem, leave the handheld connected to the computer and Desktop Manager open. Then, remove the battery from the handheld while it is connected. Re-insert the battery. When the handheld is finished powering up, check if the Desktop Manager is still in Working mode.