New Blackberry 7100i FCC Pictures


Other than spy shots taken by employees, there’s not one other source that is as good as finding the next generation mobile devices as the FCC webpage. Don’t believe us, then just Google ‘FCC reveals’, the first few hits you’ll see FCC pictures of the Sony Clies, Samsung i730, and the Treo 300. New electronics consumer device obviously need to go through some testing before hitting the market to insure that they don’t emit high amounts of RF signals or burst into fire.

So thanks to the FCC we can bring you these pictures of the new 7100i. The new Blackberry 7100 model is slated for Nextel PTT service and most likely Telus Mike’s service, thus the reason for the ugly antenna. However, anyone familiar with Push-To-Talk is probably wondering where’s the PTT button? Our guess is that they get rid of it, and users will now need to use the wheel-button to 2-way.

To see more FCC documents, click here …

Thanks to Mark Rehjon for the tip …