Airtel introduces BlackBerry Connect


Bharti Tele Ventures Ltd has announced Airtel’s plans to enable a wider choice of devices with push-based BlackBerry® email services. Through the introduction of BlackBerry ConnectTM in India, Airtel will extend BlackBerry wireless services to the Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia 9300 smartphone and Sony Ericsson P910i.

Airtel’s BlackBerry portfolio also includes the BlackBerry 7100gTM and BlackBerry 729 TM. Through BlackBerry Connect, Airtel customers now have a wider choice of BlackBerry-enabled devices to suit their preferences and needs.

With Airtel’s introduction of BlackBerry Connect TM, users of the Nokia 9300 smartphone, Nokia 9500 Communicator and Sony Ericsson P910i can enjoy the advantages of push-based BlackBerry email delivery. They will also benefit from intelligent features like wireless email synchronisation and attachment viewing. Wireless calendar synchronisation, remote address lookup, IT commands and policy enforcement as well as Triple DES encryption are additional features supported by BlackBerry Enterprise Serve TM.

BlackBerry Connect enables a greater choice of devices on the BlackBerry platform to satisfy varying needs and preferences and allows IT departments the added advantage of being able to support multiple device types with the same back-end infrastructure and end-to-end security model. The Nokia 9300 smartphone is available in India for Rs 29,000 while the Nokia 9500 Communicator is priced at Rs 34,500. The Sony Ericsson P910i is available at Rs 27,995.

Announcing this, Manoj Kohli, President Mobility, of the company, “Email continues to be a key communication medium and research indicates that the first application most mobile users like to see integrated into their mobile phones is their email. Emails also have one of the greatest impacts on productivity. A constantly widening group of mobile professionals have already recognised the productivity benefits of BlackBerry. Our announcement today of extending the BlackBerry service to a much wider range of new and stylish mobile phone handsets allows us to address the needs of a broader target group of mobile users, thereby further catalysing the adoption & usage of BlackBerry in India.”