T-Mobile Adds Blackberry Connect on MDA III


T-Mobile MDA III
T-Mobile, one of the largest suppliers of BlackBerry wireless devices and services worldwide, today announced the availability of BlackBerry Connect on its MDA III Microsoft Pocket PC. BlackBerry Connect, developed by Research In Motion, extends the benefits of BlackBerry services to mobile phones and handsets from leading manufacturers. T-Mobile users will enjoy the benefits of BlackBerry connectivity, whilst retaining the functionality and attributes of the multi-faceted T-Mobile MDA III device.

For enterprise customers, BlackBerry Connect enables secure, push-based access to email and up-to-date calendar information with support for Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino. For smaller businesses and individuals, BlackBerry Connect allows MDA III users to access up to 10 different email accounts including their business accounts and many popular ISP email accounts.

A recent survey (1) of IT and communications professionals in the UK, conducted by T-Mobile and Rhetorik confirms the popularity of the BlackBerry phenomenon with a fifth (18%) of organisations responding to the survey noting that between 21% and 50% per cent of its senior managers were already using the device. Furthermore, 29% of organisations had more than 50% of senior management using BlackBerry wireless devices. Of non-users, 31% were likely or very likely to consider using BlackBerry within their organisations within the next 12-18 months. The addition of the T-Mobile MDA III with BlackBerry Connect now offers those organisations a wider choice of devices.

For consumers, the BlackBerry email service used with the MDA III costs just £10 per month for all inclusive usage (with a fair use policy) when used with a voice price plan. For those customers just wanting to use the device for email usage, the cost is £17 per month for all-inclusive usage.

In support of the new service for the MDA III, T-Mobile is offering its BlackBerry customers free email roaming until the 31st October 2005.

Simon Ainslie, Director of Sales, T-Mobile UK commented: “T-Mobile is striving to lead the way with its BlackBerry service, continuing to offer customers a convenient way to pick up their information where they want it, when they want it and how they want it.

T-Mobile is committed to simple, seamless communications for everyone and with the addition of BlackBerry Connect on the MDA III, we are offering more choice and increased flexibility to our customers.”