Ascendent Systems Joins BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program


Ascendent Systems, the premier provider of enterprise voice mobility solutions, today announced that the company has joined the BlackBerry ISV (Independent Software Vendor) Alliance Program. The alliance underscores Ascendent’s commitment to simplifying voice mobility implementations in the enterprise and enables Ascendent to engage in tactical and marketing initiatives in conjunction with Research in Motion.

The strategic move also aligns with Ascendent’s goal of proliferating voice mobility across the enterprise through technology solutions that improve mobile device functionality and enable PBX capabilities such as call transfer, conferencing, and call hold. Today’s increasingly demanding business world means that mobile workers and executives need to be accessible and responsive, when working remotely or away from their desk. By extending the identity and functionality of a traditional office phone to a BlackBerry handset, Ascendent ensures that executives can remain productive and “fully operational” when they leave the office. A recent study conducted by BT Retail found that four out of 10 mobile calls are made from inside offices. People are using their mobile devices increasingly more due to convenience and familiarity. By ascribing the capabilities of a user’s office phone to their BlackBerry handset, Ascendent enables people with the freedom to use the device they most prefer.

“Through the BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program, Ascendent can take steps to integrate additional voice mobility features on the BlackBerry platform to further enhance its functionality and capabilities when using Ascendent Systems Enterprise Voice Mobility applications,” said Greig Patton, VP of Sales at Ascendent. “Businesses increasingly rely on the ability to quickly reach their executives who are often traveling and away from their desks, and BlackBerry has emerged as a critical solution to meet that need. Our technology will enhance the voice capabilities on BlackBerry devices by adding an easy to use, elegant voice interface for call control and conference calling.”

The BlackBerry ISV Alliance Program enables companies to capitalize on the ubiquity of BlackBerry as the preferred mobile solution for executives. Joining the program advances Ascendent’s strategy of increasing mobility within the enterprise.