Professional BlackBerry Excerpt: Chapter 7 - Managing Your Users


Professional Blackberry
The following text is an excerpt of Chapter 7 from Professional BlackBerry by Craig J. Johnston and Richard Evers. Craig J. Johnston has over 15 years of networking experience, most recently with the BlackBerry. He has done proof of concept BlackBerry projects and has actively supported BlackBerry’s since 2000 in a Lotus Domino environment. He is currently a product manager for Onset Technology, RIM’s largest third party vendor. Richard Evers is the editor of the BlackBerry Developer Journal. He is an expert in the areas of wireless communication and small-footprint application development. The book retails for $39.99 and can be purchased at

Chapter 7:

As a BlackBerry administrator, your responsibilities include controlling your BlackBerry environment. You can control what users can do on their devices, who can push content out to those devices, and even help your users when they lose or break their devices.

You have many means at your disposal to accomplish these goals. This chapter discusses several of the tools you can use to help manage the users in your BlackBerry environment, including the following:

* IT commands: Commands that are sent to the device wirelessly, that instruct it to perform a certain function.
* PIM settings: Control how the users’ devices synchronize with their PIM data.
* Wireless synchronization: Enable or disable the ability for the users’ devices to synchronize email and PIM data wirelessly.
* Redirector settings: Modify the user’s signatures and e-mail filters, if necessary.
* MDS access control: Control how the user can use MDS.

Throughout this chapter, we will use screenshots from the Lotus Domino BES BlackBerry Manager. If you are using an Exchange BES 4.0 BlackBerry Manager, the GUI is slightly different. However, the settings and their locations are the same.

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