Professional BlackBerry Excerpt: Chapter 7 – Managing Your Users


Resend Service Book

Service Books are entities that describe to the handheld how to connect to certain services. For example, the MDS Service Book (which is called IPPP) enables the handheld for MDS use and tells it how to access the service. Your cellular carrier will send Service Books to your handheld, enabling the WAP browser, and any Web mail services that you sign up for.

Service Books are always sent from the BES automatically. If at any time you need to resend the Service Books because you believe that a handheld is missing them, you can use this IT Command to do so.
Set Password and Lock Handheld

This IT command sends to the user’s device a wireless command that sets or changes the handheld password. In addition, it locks the device, which then requires that the new password be entered to unlock the unit. When sending this IT command, an option enables you to change the Owner Information screen that displays when the device is locked (see Figure 7-2).

Professional Blackberry
Figure 7-2: Setting the password and locking the handheld unit

This IT command is useful when a user loses a device. As you can see in Figure 7-2, it not only allows you to secure the device, but also to display a message on the device that informs the potential Good Samaritan how to contact you to return it.
Set Owner Information

This IT command sends a wireless command to the device to change the Owner Information screen. As shown in Figure 7-3, the result of this command is very similar to the lower half of the screen shown when sending the Set Password and Lock Handheld IT command.

Professional Blackberry
Figure 7-3: Setting owner information

This command is useful when a user loses a device, but the user is positive that the device is locked with a password. You can change the Owner Information screen to instruct the person who finds the device how to contact you to have it returned.