Professional BlackBerry Excerpt: Chapter 7 – Managing Your Users


E-mail Filters

E-mail filters are the settings that enable you (or the user) to control which e-mails are actually sent to the device. Some users choose to use the e-mail client’s rules to move e-mails directly to a particular folder based on a subject line or sender. However, other users would rather have those e-mails sent to their Inboxes and set a BlackBerry filter so that the e-mails are not copied to their devices. With BlackBerry 4.0, the user has the ability to make changes to his or her BlackBerry filters right from their device. If you want to allow users to be able to make these changes from their devices, you must enable wireless synchronization for the e-mail filters.


This PIM setting controls whether the user is able to synchronize tasks (sometimes called ToDos) wirelessly between an e-mail server and a device.

E-mail Settings

E-mail settings affect the control the user has over mailbox and BlackBerry settings. As an administrator, you establish this control through the PIM settings.

In a BlackBerry 4.0 environment, the device has a new menu called Email Settings (located under Messages, Options). Under this menu, the user can choose to have e-mail delivered to a device. The user can choose to disable the e-mail if he or she goes on vacation and does not want to receive company e-mail, but still wants to receive personal e-mail or continue to use the phone and Web browser. The user can also choose whether to save a copy of all e-mail sent from a device into his or her mailbox Sent folder.

Control over whether to use an automatic signature and the ability to completely edit that signature are offered under this new menu. Finally, the user can set an out-of-office notification message, as well as indicate when it will expire. As an administrator, you can allow your user to modify these settings.


Memos on the BlackBerry can synchronize with the Notes Journal, Outlook Notes, or GroupWise Posted Notes. This setting controls whether it can be wirelessly synchronized and how.

Address Book

The BlackBerry Address Book can synchronize with the e-mail client’s Personal Address Book. This setting controls whether the Address Book can be wirelessly synchronized and how that synchronization is configured.

User-Specific PIM Settings

While you can modify the Global PIM Settings that apply to all new BlackBerry users being added to any BES connected to the same SQL database, you can also modify these same PIM settings on a user-by-user basis. In addition, you can enable or disable wireless synchronization altogether. In addition to the PIM settings, you can enable or disable wireless backup. Wireless backup is a feature that wirelessly backs up the user’s device preferences such as ribbon icon positions (which are the position of the icons on the BlackBerry Home Screen), browser bookmarks, audio profiles, and so on.