Winner of Weekend Contest ‘Prediction On RIM/NTP Case’ Weekend Contest


Thanks to all that participated in the ‘Prediction on RIM/NTP Patent Case’ Weekend Contest. The results were evenly split between whether NTP will see a dime from RIM or not. However, what everyone agreed upon is that there will never be an injunction on Blackberry sales in the US. We agree aswell, there’s just too many folks in Washington that are also Blackberry addicts.

The winners are as follow:

Joe S.
Melissa O.
Judy B.

Winners will get a free copy of Sudoku Gold by Magmic, the new strategy game that is taking over the world. To download a free trial of Sudoku Gold or any other Magmic games, just point your Blackberry browser to Winners please contact us with your Blackberry PIN to redeem your prize.