‘Blackberry Software Directory’ Gets Updated


The past few months we have sort of slacked on updating our Blackberry Software Directory. We finally got around to adding some new titles in the directory, mainly freeware programs including BBTetris and Pacman but also a few other commercial titles with demos. What we want to focus on is adding some java midlets to the directory because many of them will run perfectly fine on the Blackberry except possibly having some screen resolution and keyboard layout differences.

So if you know any Blackberry software or java midlet that we are missing, please send us an email at directory@blackberrycool.com

To visit the Blackberry Software Directory, please use the following link:

  • http://www.softwareshortlist.com/software/CRM_directory.html Software Directories

    How nice for the black berry to add it’s features. :) But don’t forget that to not let their mobile to decrease on speed performance because of the upgraded parts.