Fraunhofer Institute to test security of Blackberry


Research in Motion has commissioned the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology to test how communication security of the Blackberry. This was commissioned to ensure objective and independent evaluation. In the past the German government deemed the Blackberry device unsuitable for highly critical communication. The German Federal Office for Information Security had found that RIM encryption algorithms 3DES and AES was not enough. SINA or Secure Inter-Network Architecture is the preferred and trusted method for German’s sensitive communication.

RIM insist that it is impossible for e-mail data from RIM servers to be passed on to third parties. The company adds that its embedded encryption technology has been awarded FIPS 140 Validation. What was more, the company declared, an S/MIME Support Package v4.0 as well as FIPS 140-2 Security Certification were available for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0. Along with the partnership with PGP, RIM and their Blackberry device is one of the most secure wireless devices on the market … just not to the German government.