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YubNub may be a very strange name for a website but don’t be fooled because this website is very useful. The purpose of YubNub is a command-line for the web, a very grand idea but it works really well. For example you simply type “stock rimm” to get stock information on RIMM or type in ‘gnews blackberry’ to search Blackberry news items through Google News. Although not specifically setup for mobile, you can make new custom commands. So instead of searching the regular Google page, you can make a command like ‘mobileg search’ which will search through Google Mobile instead and save you download time and data fees.

To visit, just go to

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  1. 1 Jonathan Aquino

    Hi blackberrycool - A couple of people have made their own mobile YubNub pages:
    (same as the first, but uses skweezer to simplify the pages)

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