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BBC switches off BlackBerry Service


The BBC has suspended the BlackBerry PDA service used by more than 300 senior executives, including Director General Mark Thompson. A BBC spokeswoman said: “Last week we noticed a fault in that some users were getting fragments of other people’s email in their own email. So we suspended the service and it will remain suspended until it is fixed.”

Executives are having to revert to PC-based email and phones rather than use the BlackBerry devices which allow them to make phone calls as well as receive texts and emails. The BBC’s IT services supplier, Siemens, is taking responsibility for solving the problem. BlackBerry manufacturer Research In Motion said in a statement: “RIM has developed and tested a fix for an obscure bug identified in a specific service pack release for BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

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Fraunhofer Institute to test security of Blackberry


Research in Motion has commissioned the Fraunhofer Institute for Secure Information Technology to test how communication security of the Blackberry. This was commissioned to ensure objective and independent evaluation. In the past the German government deemed the Blackberry device unsuitable for highly critical communication. The German Federal Office for Information Security had found that RIM encryption algorithms 3DES and AES was not enough. SINA or Secure Inter-Network Architecture is the preferred and trusted method for German’s sensitive communication.

RIM insist that it is impossible for e-mail data from RIM servers to be passed on to third parties. The company adds that its embedded encryption technology has been awarded FIPS 140 Validation. What was more, the company declared, an S/MIME Support Package v4.0 as well as FIPS 140-2 Security Certification were available for the BlackBerry Enterprise Server v4.0. Along with the partnership with PGP, RIM and their Blackberry device is one of the most secure wireless devices on the market … just not to the German government.

Review: Ascendo Datavault


Datavault A lot of us forget that the Blackberry is more than just cell phone and email. It does contain some PDA functions, albeit not as great as the Treo but passable for many users. One of the many uses of the PDA or electronic organizers is to replace the pen and paper as a better way to keep notes and addresses. I would use the Memo Pad application to quickly jot down my thoughts, list reminders, and store information. After awhile, you realize the things you write in memopad and how sensitive they are, ie. passwords, combinations, security codes, etc. Ascendo tries to solve this problem with their Datavault progam which allows you to securely store sensitive information on your Blackberry. Read our thoughts on the program:

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Ask Us! Blackberry Use in Car via BlueTooth


Ken asked us,

I bought a new car that has a bluetooth kit and wanted to connect my Blackberry to it but I can’t get it to work. Well it does sync for a bit but loses it’s connection

We had this question posted to us awhile back and our answer was to wait until RIM releases an update to their OS. Users that have a BlueTooth kit and their car and want to connect their BlueTooth-enabled Blackberry will need to update to OS 4.0.2 to get things to work properly. The majority of BlueTooth kits are now supported but you may the odd one that still may cause you some trouble.

The official supported BlueTooth kits are as follow:

Acura – HandsFreeLink TM car kit from Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI)
Audi – Integrated car kit used in Audi vehicles with Bluetooth technology
BMW – Dealer-installed optional car kit from Visteon Corporation
Cadillac – Bluetooth car kit from Denso Corporation
Chrysler – UConnect car kit from Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI)
Dodge – UConnect car kit from Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI)
Ford – MobileEase car kit from Peiker Acoustics
Honda – HandsFreeLink TM car kit from Johnson Concrols Inc. (JCI)
Jeep – UConnect car kit from Johnson Controls Inc. (JCI)
Landrover – Integrated car kit used in Landrover vehicles with Bluetooth technology
Lexus – Bluetooth car kit from Denso Corporation
Lincoln – MobileEase car kit from Peiker Acoustics
Mercury – MobileEase car kit from Peiker Acoustics
Toyota – Bluetooth car kit from Denso Corporation

Deutsche Bank Securities Cuts Price Target on RIM


Deutsche Bank Securities cut the price target on Research in Motion and said the maker of BlackBerry wireless devices could see near-term pricing pressure as two competitors prepare to launch rival smartphones.

“We are lowering our price target on Research in Motion from $60 to $50 after our channel checks indicate that competitive push e-mail solutions and devices are coming on stream sooner than many expect, exposing RIM to pricing pressure in its core business,” wrote analyst Brian Modoff in a note to investors.

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BlackBerry Maker Files Emergency Appeal With US High Court


Research In Motion Ltd. has filed an emergency appeal with the U.S. Supreme Court in a final attempt to freeze proceedings in its patent dispute with NTP Inc. while it continues to argue U.S. patent laws don’t apply because the company operates in Canada. Research In Motion, plans to file a regular appeal with the Supreme Court and meanwhile wants to forestall any chance a lower court could issue an injunction against it before its appeals are exhausted.

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