SMART Introduces BlackBerry Connect in the Philippines

Smart Communications, Inc. (SMART), together with Research In Motion, announced the availability of BlackBerry Connect for new and existing users of the Nokia 9500 Communicator, Nokia 9300 smartphone and Sony Ericsson P910i in the Philippines. The introduction of BlackBerry Connect significantly expands SMART’s portfolio of BlackBerry products which currently includes the BlackBerry 7100g, BlackBerry 7290 and BlackBerry 6720.

With BlackBerry Connect, customers can enjoy the advantages of BlackBerry services with support for features such as push-based wireless email, wireless email synchronization and attachment viewing on the Nokia and Sony Ericsson devices. Wireless calendar synchronization, remote address lookup, Triple DES encryption, IT commands and policy enforcement are additional features supported with BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

“We are very pleased to be working with SMART to offer BlackBerry Connect in the Philippines,” said Norm Lo, Vice President, Asia Pacific at Research In Motion. “BlackBerry Connect enables powerful wireless email features for mobile users while also allowing IT departments to maintain the security, manageability and reliability of the BlackBerry architecture.”

SMART President and CEO Napoleon L. Nazareno said that the extension of BlackBerry services to a wider range of handsets gives mobile phone users more choice.

“We are proud to be RIM’s partner in making BlackBerry services available to more of our customers who need a wireless extension of their existing work and personal email accounts. SMART’s goal is to make wireless connectivity work for more people,” he said.

For corporate customers, BlackBerry Enterprise Server software tightly integrates with Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino. For individuals and smaller businesses, BlackBerry Internet Service allows users to access multiple personal and/or corporate email accounts (including many popular ISP email accounts as well as Microsoft Exchange and IBM Lotus Domino accounts) from a single device.

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  1. 1 Joey Bacolongan

    can anybody help me with my blackberry 6720? im having problems with this, its started to hang and you can see in the screen JVM error 531. i cant used it anymore coz when im resseting it you can always see in the screen JVM error 531. can anyone help me with this? please email me @, tnx!

  2. 2 israel vargas

    hi, i’m having trouble with my blackberry 6720,it hangs often and appears in the screen “jvm error 531″,please help me where i can bring this for them to fix this?thanks!

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