Blackberry 8700c Now on


Cingular Blackberry 8700c
Well it’s November 1st with no sign of an official press release from RIM for the new Blackberry 8700c. However one major sign that the new Blackberry 8700c will be released very shortly, probably by the end of the day is that the new device is now listed on

The new features that are mentioned are below:

* BlackBerry Enterprise Server—leading industry solution
* BlackBerry Internet Service email (individual access to corporate and ISP email
* EDGE Class10 for fast WAP or HTML web surfing
* 2 Customizable Convenience Keys for fast access to favorite sites
* Full QWERTY keyboard for rapid thumb typing
* 320 x 240 (1/4 VGA) Color LCD
* 312 MHz Intel Processor
* Memory: 16MB RAM / 64MB Flash

One interesting point is that RIM has finally divulged the processor speed for one of their devices. Could this be a sign of where RIM may be going with their upcoming handhelds? Will they finally release something that has enough juice to compete with the multimedia capabilities of other handhelds? After all the 312MHz Intel chip is the same chip that can be found in the Palm Treo 650.

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