Ask Us! Blackberry Doesn’t Turn On


Jim asked us,

I just received an older Blackberry 7230 from a friend because it is broken. The problem is that it no longer boots up, however it can’t be completely dead because the light on top still flashes. Just wanted to know if this is repairable or not.

Bearing that the LCD screen is not broken you still have a chance to bring the Blackberry back to life. When the device doesn’t boot up but the LED light is blinking it means that either the OS is corrupt or that there is no OS installed. What you need to do is connect the device to your computer, boot up Desktop Manager and then Application Loader, and reinstall the OS. Hopefully it boots back up, if not then you might as well throw the device away.

  • Guest

    Thank u ur such a life saver!!

  • Jaydenventer

    hi guys
     i need help my blackberry 8520 curve doens`t want to switch on after inserting sim it reboots  and doesnt switch on then please help asp

  • A Walker1989

    Why wont my blackberry load up?  It froze so i did a battery pull and now on the start up screen where ya have th white bar loading it gest half way and stops … and its stuck it wont move anymore??  Tried several batetry pulls and still same thing happens 

  • Josh Rigueur

    can someone help me?

  • Josh Rigueur

    my phone wont turn on and the lcd light wont turn on when i try to charge my phone , please help me


    my blackberry curve battery keeps running out so fast so i went to school and i turned my blackberry off and normaly i always have a full bars but i didnt today so my phone was compltely dead then i came home and charged it and when i charge it it restars den when it gets to the last part of the restart to finish it stops and stay there PLEASE HELP ME !!!

  • ShMagic

    i dropped my bb this afternoon as i got it out of my pocket and it went dead,swapped batteries nd all,all i could see as i plugged it to my computer or charger was the led light for sme seconds then a battery with a red cross over it. pls help me

  • Tnl Madhead Enuh

    blackberry wont turn on and i only placed it down for a week and haven’t done nt to it

  • Chicken_ss

    i have a blackberry 9800 i upgraded facebook and clicked the reboot later icon. i then proceded to pull the battery for a reset. after putting the battery back in the device it wont turn on. no red light. nothing. any suggestions on how to fix it?

  • Aaron

    I dropped my bb 9300 and it just turned off and when im trying to turn it on ,it just lights red (the led indicator) and it just turns white( the screen) and not turning on

    Plss help.
    Thnks in advance

  • O_biscuit

    My black berry 8520 battery died while on camp and when i plugged it in the red light came on and it loaded a little bit then then started over again and it keeps on doing it i really need help because am very frustrated

  • Max

    My blackberry curve has power but the screen comes on when loading but within seconds the screen goes blank and then will come on again for a few seconds and then off, it don’t reset it just carry on as normal but the screen won’t stay on, I put the phone out in the sun for days and it stayed on for 2 days but now the screen won’t turn on again. Tried every think and have not got it wet. If anyone knows why it’s doing it and how it can be fixed can you please let me know thank you.

  • Nslc Funkychic

    it sort of works but it just shows battery wiv lightning bolt but it dnt do nothin help

  • Stevie Foster76

    i have an 8520 curve and the screen will go all white and then i have to restart if it is not pluged in it will only get halfway through reboot then go white again …if i plug it in, it reboots then 20 mins later it goes white again ..i hope i do not have virus ..but it feels more like the battery ..please can someone help me ?

  • billie

    my blackberry started to freeze a lot the a couple of nights ago, it froze for about 15 minutes so i decided to restart my phone. Once i restarted my phone the loading up bar was full but it didnt come on. I restarted it about 4 times and i still had the same problem, so i just left my phone. It eventually came on after 35 minutes of loading up and it went to the white start screen which says ‘t-mobile’ and stayed like this for another 15 minutes. My phone eventually started up but every couple of minutes it kept on freezing and the little timer icon kept showing. My phone then rebooted itself and I keep on experiencing this problem. What do i do?

  • Ravi Sharma

    Hey thanks mike. i did the same and it works. thank you so much

  • Anon

    Try pushing the battery in quite hard. Thats what made mine work again> ;S

  • anon

    Or putting it i the oven?

  • skigh

    My phone will not turn on i tried what mike said and it didnt do anything. My blackberry charger sometimes doesnt work it sais plug in.. Well my phones completely not working so i have no idea what to do right now and i need it fixed A.S.A.P!!! please thanks

  • warsi234

    my bb 9000 wasnt used for about a month and now i would like to use it again,however when i put it on it doesnt come on.took out the battery,black screen.
    when i ut it on charging the led light comes and stays for either 1 minute or 5 minutes.
    battery sign has a red cross.

  • sherrelldavis

    my blackberry switches off half way through loading process, what can i do to resolve this????

  • Omar

    I have a Blackberry Bold 9780 when I plug it in the charger only the keyboard lightens up and the led light as well but the screen is dead! blank screen PLEASE HELP!!!

  • cathy

    hi I have a blackberry curve 8900 I left it without charge for about a week, when i recharged the battery the keys wont work and when I unplug it from the charger(elect) it switches offfffff I have tried what has been advised below nothing has changed,the clock is working

  • alicia

    my blackberyy duznt turn on buh has a red light qah shall i do

  • shake

    I have a problem with my blackberry 9780 the phone was working before but soon as the charging socket went out i got it replaced but it does not show a red light neither does it turn on what do i do? it does not even show the charging sign an i put in a new battery aswel.

  • mikky

    my blackberry 9800 went off. wen i put in the charger my lcd light blinks but the is no sign of life help plssss

  • Laura

    i have a problem can someone help me?My phone wont turn on its a blackberry 9320 i threw it on the floor and now its not turning on at all.

  • dechauhan

    my blackberry bold9900 is stuck on this screen. what should i do?
    i tried reloading os. i tried battery pull outs. nothing works.