Blackberry Brand Makes Top 10


According to Brandweek, the Blackberry brand placed 6th in a survey of 21,000 consumers for brand loyalty a huge jump considering that the Blackberry didn’t even place last year. The main trend shown in this year’s survey is that consumers are rallying around high-tech gadgets and Web sites, while dumping their support of age-old brands like Arby’s, AT&T and American Airlines. In just a few short years, devices such as Treo and BlackBerry have dethroned veteran brands like Travelers Insurance and Budweiser, according to the new Loyalty Leaders Rankings produced by Brand Keys, New York.

Both Treo and BlackBerry have successfully hooked loyal consumers while building barriers preventing them from leaving, he added. “If I’m using a BlackBerry day-in and day-out, it will take me some time to get used to a Treo or another device. It’s not like switching to a different brand of gas or staying at another hotel.”

The top 10 are as follow:

2. Avis
4. Treo
5. Samsung mobile phone
6. BlackBerry
7. Verizon long distance
8. Canon office copier
9. Miller Genuine Draft
10. Marriott Hotels

Surprisingly, Apple didn’t even crack the top 10, placing all the way down at 58th place.

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