NTP Reassures US Government


Lawyers for a U.S. patent holding company on Thursday said they met with the Justice Department to try to allay fears a patent infringement suit against the maker of the BlackBerry e-mail device would disrupt government users. NTP Inc. said in a court filing it had outlined a plan on Wednesday that would exempt government BlackBerry users from any service cutoff resulting from NTP’s patent case against BlackBerry maker, Research In Motion Ltd..

The U.S. government’s concerns about a shutdown of its BlackBerry devices, laid out in a recent court brief, are one of the last obstacles in NTP’s four-year court battle with Waterloo, Ontario-based RIM. RIM’s efforts to appeal the case were only partially successful and the case has returned to the trial court, where a judge could impose an injunction against Blackberry sales.

A representative of Research in Motion had no immediate comment on the NTP court filing.