Start a BlackBerry Messenger Conference


Blackberry Messenger
You can have a BlackBerry Messenger conversation with more than one user in the same conversation window.

1. On your BlackBerry® wireless device, open BlackBerry Messenger.

2. Under the Contacts section, highlight a user, click the trackwheel and click Start Conversation.

3. Click the trackwheel and select Invite from the menu.

4. The Select a Contact screen opens with a list of all your contacts.

5. Click on the down-arrow (a dropdown list of your contacts appears), scroll to the user that you want to add to your current conversation, and click the trackwheel to select the user.

6. Click OK. The user is invited to the conversation.

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 until you have selected all of the users to be added to the conference conversation and then click OK.

If you do not have Blackberry Messenger installed, you can download it for free at: * Will only work in Internet Explorer.