Winners of Weekend Contest ‘Got a Blackberry 8700?’


Congratulations to the winners for our Weekend Contest which asked our readers if they braved the crowds on Black Friday to pick up the new Blackberry 8700. Even though the launch had its issues, mainly the aspect that some stores had none or a limited quantity of the new handhelds, some were lucky enough to grab their hands on one. RIM’s marketing team should of stole a play from Microsoft’s playbook, spinning the story that ‘New Blackberry 8700c so popular with enterprises that we can’t meet regular customer’s demands’.

Anyways for the people that had a chance to get one, the main consensus regarding the new handheld is that it ROCKS! David writes,

I bought the 8700c today at Cingular. The screen is exceptionally beautiful. I like the speakerphone. It feels better as a phone as it is narrower but the typing is a little more awkward than on the 7290 but it’s a good tradeoff I think.

The web browser is much faster but not real fast. A big improvement though.

The winners for this Weekend Contest were, Jared, Benson, and Jenstard. Thanks to all who participated and provided your insight, stay tuned for the next one.