Blackberry 7105t Fire Sale Beginning


Oprah Blackberry 7105t
We called it right after the Blackberry 7105t was featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things show that we see the audience members unload them on eBay. It’s nice to get things for free but when you need to pay a $80+ dollar bill people will think twice. Currently there’s 27 7105t’s listed and about 5 specify that they are from the Oprah show. One lady is even selling her ultra-exclusive “Burberry 7105t”,

I was fortunate enough to be chosen from by email submission to be in the audience for Oprah’s Favorite Things show this year! I am keeping most of the beautiful items, but some things, like this item are just not my style. This is the Burberry 7105T given to me by Oprah on the day of the taping of the show. Please check that the specs are the same as the 7100 series that eBay has forced me to list this under!!

Other’s are selling them unopen and with the 3 free month service, so this could be a real good time to pick one up for Christmas. Expect even more Blackberrys 7105t showing up on eBay after Christmas when audience members are tight for cash.