METAmessage Language Support for BlackBerry Now Available via Hosted ASP Service

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Onset Technology
Onset Technology, a leading developer of software for wireless handheld devices, today announced the availability of its METAmessage Language Support capability through Onset’s hosted ASP service. Now, individuals and small workgroups can download the ability to easily read BlackBerry Organizer entries, email messages and attachments, and SMS messages in language character sets that are not yet directly supported by all BlackBerry handhelds such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Korean. The product was designed specifically for the BlackBerry wireless platform from Research In Motion.

METAmessage Language Support includes an Outlook-like “Preview Pane” that can show complete BlackBerry Inbox From: and Re: information and the first lines of the message body. This feature lets users read a full sender address, subject line text, and the beginning of a message before opening a message.

“The demand for Language Support from users who don’t want to wait for a server implementation has been overwhelming,” said Owen Sutton, Onset’s Director of ASP Products. “In addition to using BlackBerry PIM features, they want to read correspondence and SMS messages from clients, co-workers, and family writing in their native language. With an over-the-air (OTA) download and subscription-based fulfillment, we’ve made this a distinctively quick, easy, and affordable solution for individuals and small workgroups.”

The newly redesigned site also offers METAmessage Basic with spell checking, a vital feature for many non-native English speakers using BlackBerry. Other Basic features include printing anywhere, custom message alerts, Concierge Services (North America only), and more. The METAmessage Language Support capability is designed primarily for users supported by a BlackBerry Enterprise Server.

METAmessage for Wireless

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