Ask Us! Blackberry Doesn’t Turn On

Jim asked us,

I just received an older Blackberry 7230 from a friend because it is broken. The problem is that it no longer boots up, however it can’t be completely dead because the light on top still flashes. Just wanted to know if this is repairable or not.

Bearing that the LCD screen is not broken you still have a chance to bring the Blackberry back to life. When the device doesn’t boot up but the LED light is blinking it means that either the OS is corrupt or that there is no OS installed. What you need to do is connect the device to your computer, boot up Desktop Manager and then Application Loader, and reinstall the OS. Hopefully it boots back up, if not then you might as well throw the device away.

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  1. 1 Jeff Weiner

    I can’t wait to get the new BlackBerry. I hate the 7100. SureType is terrible, very time cosuming and frustrating. The speakerphone is very bad- I constantly have to speak into the phone after turning off the speaker because the speakerphone is usually unintelligible.

  2. 2 jv

    I bought a blackberry 7230 on ebay, add said it would work with vodafone or t-mobile, i insert my t-mobile sim card and is not recognized by the phone.
    How can I unlock the BB for sure, so it works with my t card?

  3. 3 Karl Wesson

    I have a blackberry 7100 and recently the speaker doesn’t work. People can here me talking but I can here them. It seems the speaker has broken, it doesn’t work on speakerphone either. Handsfree headset should work though. Do you think this is a hardware or software problem? Is there a reboot or update to fix this?

  4. 4 Tansen Varghese

    Doing a reset by turning the power off, and by just taking the battery out, for 30s, and then putting it back in, worked for me, after multiple times to make the speaker work again. My problem is that it turns itself off for no apparent warns you it’s turning off unless you hit any key.

  5. 5 Andrea

    Hi, I just bought a 8700g. It work fine, but now I download a theme and the BB reset and doesn’t turn on… it just appear the clock… but doesn’t do anything else…
    I do a reset by turning the power off and taking the battery out… but nothing… HELP!!!!
    (sorry for the bad english… I’m spanish native)

  6. 6 Nick

    My blackberry will not turn on….. its a sack of crap…. says it is charging and thats it…. 50bucks down the drain…. pffffffft don’t buy a blackberry :-)

  7. 7 paul

    my blackberry wont even load up the main screen. i turn on the blackberry by holding the end call button for a few seconds. then a red light show solid at the top. then the scren appears white with aa sandglass telling me to wait. i have waited for over 2 hours for this device to load up, but it wont work. is there any way t fix it?

  8. 8 Sonya

    i was playing a game on my phone and it turned into stripes will different colors on the screen, and then i turned it off, and i wanted to charge it so i put it to charge and it flashes yellow but it wont turn on, it doesnt flash red or green but yellow. how do i restart it or turn iit on, or what do i do? its the old black berry like the 7100 g or something.

  9. 9 Carlos

    I have the same problem Andrea.Please Help Us. Only appear the clock and when i connect to the desktop same thing and if a to quit the battery turn on a red light and after appear the symbol no battery when is connected to the desktop. Help us please

  10. 10 Alvin

    My blackberry pearl will not turn on, I just bought this piece of crap. should it already have these problems. I lost all my important contacts. What are some suggestions to fix problem.

  11. 11 Karen

    so i threw my blackberry in a fight of joy and i believe it is broken. the screen stayed white with a black vertical line through the center of the screen. I took out the battery and tried to turn the device back on but no luck. Could I have possibly destroyed the OS, or is my LCD screen broken? Are there any solutions to my apparent problem?

  12. 12 jordan

    how do you turn the blackberry phone on?

  13. 13 Angered Customer

    blackberry died, after few days of normal use. Pathatic!

  14. 14 ybm33

    i have a blackberry pearl 8100 and it wont load up the thing just powers on shows the hourglass then powers off and repeats this process. how can i get it to boot up HELP PLEASE!

  15. 15 Jeffrey

    I Have a blackberry 9000 bold, it was off and when I turned it on, it won’t turn on but the LED red light keeps blinking!! I only got it months ago as well
    Proper gutted, any ideas??

  16. 16 Trent

    I have a blackberry 7130g and when I turn it on it has vertical bars on the screen the keypad lights up and it charges. sometimes it makes sounds. Please help i hope that new blackberry os is out so i can upgrade it because i was told it’s an OS fault

  17. 17 Kelly.

    I have a BlackBerry Pearl. I turned it off and took out my battery to check my sim card and not it will not turn back of. It just keeps blinking a red light. What do I do now?

  18. 18 Gabriel

    something similar happened to me, I rebooted the phone (Blackberry Bold) and it never came back on. not even a led, I did tried a lot of things I read in the internet, charging the battery for one day and the while pluged taking the battery off, pressing the mute and the on button simultaneously for 30 secs, non of that worked.
    what I did befor sending it to ATT, was taking the battery off for a couple of days, and when I put it back on, boom!! I saw the red light !!, and then it came back on!
    you should try that.


  19. 19 ewi

    I just bought a new blackberry bold. Initially I inserted the battery without sim and turned it on upon removing from box, it did turn on. I inserted the sim after, and it wont turn on anymore, even when charged. What happened there? is this normal? I need help.

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