Installing 3rd Party Software on Blackberry

Application Loader
The easiest way to install programs on your Blackberry is “Over-The-Air”, however not all handhelds support it so your other option is to use Application Loader. Application Loader is one of the programs that comprise the Desktop Manager, it is used to load .alx files on to your handheld.

The following will show you how to load a trial version of a Magmic game on to your Blackberry:

1. First you need to download the .alx files to your PC, just point your browser to

2. Unzip the game file to your Desktop.

3. Connect the BlackBerry device to the personal computer.

4. In Desktop Manager, open Application Loader.

5. In the Application Loader Wizard, click Next.Type your password, if prompted, and click Next. In the Handheld Application Selection screen, click Add. Go to the directory of the program you want to add, select the .alx file, and click Open.Once the application is in the list, verify it is check-marked, and click Next.On the Completing the Application Loader screen, verify the software to install is under Applications to be Installed or Updated, and click Finish.Once the application is installed on the device, click Close in the Application Loader Wizard.

6. Verify that the program is loaded on your device.

31 Responses to “Installing 3rd Party Software on Blackberry”

  1. 1 Chris

    My desktop manager does not show the application loader icon. It just shows Backup,Intelisynch, and Redirector icons. Any ideas?

  2. 2 David

    This was a great resource! thanks! I do have a question about .cod files…i’m trying to download a db that goes with an .alx file for a calorie tracking freeware. Any suggestions?



  3. 3 Anand

    Nice tutorial, but I’d like to know how to load third party jar and jad files onto the blackberry 7100i. If you could help me thatd be great

  4. 4 Michelle

    i downloaded the ota version but my computer doesn’t recognize it to open it and it not showing up for me to put it on my blackberry from the application loader. what do i do?



  5. 5 Zoey

    Just wondering if it is possible to download the software onto a apple computer?

  6. 6 bradley porter

    i have the blackberrry pearl 8100 how do i change the trackball color. do i download. dont have colors under options

  7. 7 Lora

    how do you delete a program that you installed on the phone?

  8. 8 Cindy

    how do i get the color pearl? its not showing up under my options. do i need to download it? if so, where do i go to do that?

  9. 9 Therese C

    Need to install autolock.jad but application loader will not accept and gives error message - please can you advise how to install a .jad file many thanks Therese

  10. 10 Annette

    just wondering how to do the custom colors? I want to use purple but its not an option on the list… if anyone knows pls let me know.

  11. 11 Annie

    I get all the way to the add part and then when i click the file it tells me there is no additional applications found for my device. I am so bad at this! :( help!

  12. 12 Tarah

    AHH samE with me ANNie…sOo diD anyOne get back to You on that?!

  13. 13 FK

    when trying to install autolock.jad using the Blackberry Desktop Manager, upon trying to open the file in Handheld Application selection in Application Loader Wizard, I get the following error message:
    “Error in application information file
    XML syntax error on line 1″
    How do I fix this. Thanks

  14. 14 Bored

    My blackberry is shyte, it is like owning a mobile from the 80s, doing anythin on it is a farkin nightmare all i want to do is change the theme, i have a .jar file, anyone know how to do it?

    blackberrys? for squares and geeks

  15. 15 stephanie

    how do i get to desktop manager

  16. 16 stephanie

    how do I unzip the folder?

  17. 17 Sherry

    I just got a blackberry pearl thinking i could download readers and such from my desk top like the palm os, the tech support says I have to sign up for the blackberry plan with my at&t plan…at $40.00 a month plus pay as you use I can’t justify it. Any one out there know if there’s a way to use 3rd party software from the desktop?

  18. 18 Amanda

    so i have the phone that the trackball color can be changed and i have been trying to figure it out forever and i have read through all of this stuff and i still cant understand.. i need help please..

  19. 19 matt

    yeah… i did the ota install to my blackberry pearl, and i cannot find the application anywhere… when the screen popos up do you save it under you removable storage (blackberry)

  20. 20 matt

    yeah….i meant the trackball color changer one haha!

  21. 21 scott

    i get an error saying “no additional applications designed for your device were found” i have a blackberry pearl 8130

  22. 22 Charrie

    I can’t figure it out either, the color pearl thing! It’s all colors n I just want pink, DARN!

  23. 23 Chris

    I am trying to download the auto lock to my pearl. But the zip file is not availible at this time and I cannot figure out the ota install, please help. I clicked on the ota install saved it to my desktop, then when i try to open it say cannot find a program on my computer or the internet to open it with. And when i open my application loader and try to find it through that like i did with the color pearl i cannot find it. What do i need to do to load this on my phone? Please email me back. Thanks.

  24. 24 ed

    hey there am trying to add a jar. and jad. file to my blackberry curve can you help thanks

  25. 25 Chris

    Trying to install autolock.jad but application loader will not accept and gives error message - can you advise how to install a .jad file? Thanks.

  26. 26 john trona

  27. 27 doug

    What happened to SoftReset. I am having difficulty locating.

  28. 28 nick

    Can I download 4.5 for the blackberry curve 8320 into my curve 8310 to get the wifi feature


  29. 29 brad thornhill

    My desk top is not recognizing the ota software download. It keeps saying that windows cannot open this file because it does not recognize it. What is another way I can download your software to change the color of the trackball. This would be a great help thank you.

  30. 30 I_know_how

    I have been hearing about all your problems with the error message “no additional applications designed for your device were found” and people just having just general error messages while trying to download 3rd party software.
    Heres the steps that worked for me:

    After you have downloaded the zip file onto your desktop, open it (either automatically or using winzip or a zipping program) make a new folder on your desktop and place all the files in it except any instruction manuals, or .doc or .txt files. Those are just for you to read or know seperate from sending to the phone.

    with your phone plugged in to the computer

    On your desktop manager, open the application loader.

    Depending on your version and model either click add or browse

    a box will appear asking where the file is…. this is the tricky part….go to the new folder you created on your desktop…. you have to add the .alx AND the .cod file at the same time….so highlight the files or clicking one and holding down CTRL and clicking all the files, and click open. when you do this, you will notice the name of your application you want to download in the list now. Check the box for that application, click next or save, and then it will be in your downloads folder. For example I downloaded the mylocation application in my zip folder were 3 files .alx, .cod, and a .jad file. I highlighted all of them and it worked great.
    I have the latest desktop software and I have the new Blackberry Storm, but it should be the same for most models.
    Hope that helped!

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