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METAmessage Language Support for BlackBerry Now Available via Hosted ASP Service


Onset Technology
Onset Technology, a leading developer of software for wireless handheld devices, today announced the availability of its METAmessage Language Support capability through Onset’s hosted ASP service. Now, individuals and small workgroups can download the ability to easily read BlackBerry Organizer entries, email messages and attachments, and SMS messages in language character sets that are not yet directly supported by all BlackBerry handhelds such as Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, and Korean. The product was designed specifically for the BlackBerry wireless platform from Research In Motion.

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Orange Inks Deal With Cingular For Business Customers


Orange, the mobile telecommunications arm of France Telecom, Tuesday said it has signed a deal with U.S. mobile operator Cingular Wireless to provide multinational business customers with better international services.

The consolidated service, dubbed ‘Worldview,’ will benefit multinational customers with a presence in Europe and the U.S. who want to improve visibility of mobile usage across their operations, Phillipe Bernard, Executive Vice President of Orange Business Solutions, told Dow Jones Newswires in an interview. The deal means Cingular and Orange customers will have access to centralized reports on mobile usage and expenditure in the U.S. and Europe and will have a single point of contact for sales.

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Winners of Weekend Contest ‘Got a Blackberry 8700?’


Congratulations to the winners for our Weekend Contest which asked our readers if they braved the crowds on Black Friday to pick up the new Blackberry 8700. Even though the launch had its issues, mainly the aspect that some stores had none or a limited quantity of the new handhelds, some were lucky enough to grab their hands on one. RIM’s marketing team should of stole a play from Microsoft’s playbook, spinning the story that ‘New Blackberry 8700c so popular with enterprises that we can’t meet regular customer’s demands’.

Anyways for the people that had a chance to get one, the main consensus regarding the new handheld is that it ROCKS! David writes,

I bought the 8700c today at Cingular. The screen is exceptionally beautiful. I like the speakerphone. It feels better as a phone as it is narrower but the typing is a little more awkward than on the 7290 but it’s a good tradeoff I think.

The web browser is much faster but not real fast. A big improvement though.

The winners for this Weekend Contest were, Jared, Benson, and Jenstard. Thanks to all who participated and provided your insight, stay tuned for the next one.

Installing 3rd Party Software on Blackberry


Application Loader
The easiest way to install programs on your Blackberry is “Over-The-Air”, however not all handhelds support it so your other option is to use Application Loader. Application Loader is one of the programs that comprise the Desktop Manager, it is used to load .alx files on to your handheld.

The following will show you how to load a trial version of a Magmic game on to your Blackberry:

1. First you need to download the .alx files to your PC, just point your browser to

2. Unzip the game file to your Desktop.

3. Connect the BlackBerry device to the personal computer.

4. In Desktop Manager, open Application Loader.

5. In the Application Loader Wizard, click Next.Type your password, if prompted, and click Next. In the Handheld Application Selection screen, click Add. Go to the directory of the program you want to add, select the .alx file, and click Open.Once the application is in the list, verify it is check-marked, and click Next.On the Completing the Application Loader screen, verify the software to install is under Applications to be Installed or Updated, and click Finish.Once the application is installed on the device, click Close in the Application Loader Wizard.

6. Verify that the program is loaded on your device.

Vodafone To Start Offering Own Branded Push Email


European mobile giant, Vodafone, has released their own attempt at a mobile email service for business users. This will put them into competition with similar services from Microsoft and Research in Motion. The company claims that the new service will simplify the complicated and fragmented mobile email market, but in actual fact, it could end up causing considerable branding confusion.

This is due to the fact that Vodafone’s new Visto-based push email option comes with many of the same features as RIM’s BlackBerry Enterprise Server, which Vodafone already sells. Vodafone’s service does differ from its BlackBerry equivalent in that it supports different handsets, but price and capability are comparable.

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Wireless printers support BlackBerry


PocketJet Printer
Pentax Technologies has announced new mobile printers with Bluetooth capability that will let staff print from BlackBerry handhelds and other mobile devices such as smartphones. The PocketJet3 BT and PocketJet3 Plus BT, available from December, are updated versions of the existing PocketJet3 and 3 Plus models. They add a Bluetooth interface to support the growing number of devices equipped with this technology.

Martin Mogendorff, general manager of Pentax Technologies Europe, said there are new opportunities in the mobile market for Bluetooth printing. In particular, the firm hopes to appeal to many of the firms that have deployed BlackBerry email devices to staff in the last few years.

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