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Orange France and Research In Motion launch the BlackBerry 8700f


Orange France and Research In Motion today announced the launch of the BlackBerry 8700f in France, the first BlackBerry handheld that is compatible with Orange’s EDGE network. The BlackBerry 8700f from Orange leverages the advantages of Orange’s high-speed mobile network, the newly optimized BlackBerry handheld platform, as well as a powerful Intel processor to provide exceptional performance for features such as email, phone, text messaging, Internet, organizer and corporate data applications.

The BlackBerry 8700f is expected to be available for Orange’s enterprise customers in France on December 15th, 2005, with retail availability planned for January. It will be available in other Orange markets across Europe in a phased rollout during 2006.

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Research in Motion to create 1,200 jobs in Halifax


Research In Motion Ltd., maker of BlackBerry handheld telecom devices, announced yesterday it will establish a $230-million technical support centre in the Halifax area — a move hailed by some observers as the most significant outside investment in Nova Scotia in 30 years.

Flanked by federal and provincial ministers, RIM chairman and co-chief executive officer Jim Balsillie said the centre will employ about 1,250 people when it is fully operational in five years. The company will initially hire about 300 people when the centre opens in a little more than a year.

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Weekend Contest ‘Got a Blackberry 8700?’


Magmic Backgammon
This weekend contest is a very simple one being that it’s a long weekend and you shouldn’t think too hard. All we’re asking from our readers is whether or not they have a new Blackberry 8700 and to post some quick thoughts on it. Were you a lucky one and received one from your workplace or were your crazy enough to brave the crowds on Black Friday and if it was all worth it. This weekend’s prize is three copies of Magmic’s latest offering, Backgammon.

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Blackberry 8700c Finally Hits Stores on Black Friday


Black Friday
The Blackberry 8700c finally hits stores today on Black Friday, the busiest shopping day of the year. Time to put your battle gear on, kick ass and take some names because you’ll need it just to find a parking spot. We also recommend to avoid buying the new handheld at big box electronic stores like Best Buy because you will be waiting for an hour just to get some service and cash yourself out.

Or just wait until Monday when things settle down.

Start a BlackBerry Messenger Conference


Blackberry Messenger
You can have a BlackBerry Messenger conversation with more than one user in the same conversation window.

1. On your BlackBerry® wireless device, open BlackBerry Messenger.

2. Under the Contacts section, highlight a user, click the trackwheel and click Start Conversation.

3. Click the trackwheel and select Invite from the menu.

4. The Select a Contact screen opens with a list of all your contacts.

5. Click on the down-arrow (a dropdown list of your contacts appears), scroll to the user that you want to add to your current conversation, and click the trackwheel to select the user.

6. Click OK. The user is invited to the conversation.

7. Repeat steps 3 to 6 until you have selected all of the users to be added to the conference conversation and then click OK.

If you do not have Blackberry Messenger installed, you can download it for free at: * Will only work in Internet Explorer.

Court Action to Block Spam SMS


Verizon Wireless has filed a lawsuit seeking an injunction against Passport Holidays of Ormond Beach, FL for violating federal and state laws by sending tens of thousands of unsolicited text messages to Verizon Wireless customers.

Verizon Wireless filed the suit in federal court in Trenton after more than 98,000 unsolicited short text messages were sent last month to Verizon Wireless customers on behalf of Passport Holidays, informing customers they supposedly had won a cruise to the Bahamas and asking them to call to claim their prize.

The lawsuit alleges that Passport Holidays and others violated the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act by using “auto-dialing” equipment to send large bursts of text messages to sequential phone numbers within very short periods of time. Additionally, the lawsuit alleges that the defendants used deceptive means to hide the identity of the party sending the spam messages and to avoid filters that Verizon Wireless employs to prevent spam from reaching its customers.