Weekend Contest ‘Got a Blackberry 8700?’

Magmic Backgammon
This weekend contest is a very simple one being that it’s a long weekend and you shouldn’t think too hard. All we’re asking from our readers is whether or not they have a new Blackberry 8700 and to post some quick thoughts on it. Were you a lucky one and received one from your workplace or were your crazy enough to brave the crowds on Black Friday and if it was all worth it. This weekend’s prize is three copies of Magmic’s latest offering, Backgammon.

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24 Responses to “Weekend Contest ‘Got a Blackberry 8700?’”

  1. 1 Will

    I’m going out in an hour and braving the crowds to pick up the new device. If you don’t hear from me in a few hours please call the cops.

  2. 2 Paul

    I got one today! It’s so sweet, even if its sitting their charging. My initial review is that this thing is going to sell like hotcakes, it’s a much improved over previous generations. I know when the 7100 came out, other than the nice screen it wasn’t much better. The form factor was nice but I could never get into SureType, thus the reason for me not buying one.

  3. 3 markhutchison

    This is the tragic reality of the CDMA BlackBerry user. Everyone’s happy, laughing and playing with their fancy new 8700s while I sit here with my beat up old 7250.

    That’s ok … give me another week or two and I’ll have me a shiny new 7130e! Sure you GSM boys have had 7100 models for about a year now … sure I’m going to hate losing my full QWERTY keypad … but mine will have Ev-DO tethering baby!

    (I need to grab whatever bone RIM throws our way make up for the GSM to CDMA dev-time.)

  4. 4 David

    I bought the 8700c today at Cingular. The screen is exceptionally beautiful. I like the speakerphone. It feels better as a phone as it is narrower but the typing is a little more awkward than on the 7290 but it’s a good tradeoff I think.

    The web browser is much faster but not real fast. A big improvement though.

    It opens PDF files as it comes out of the box.

  5. 5 David

    I bought the 8700c today at Cingular. The screen is beautiful. I like the speakerphone. It feels better as a phone as it is narrower but the typing is a little more awkward than on the 7290 but it’s a good tradeoff I think.

    The web browser is much faster but not real fast. A big improvement though.

    It opens PDF files as it comes out of the box.

    The 7290 looks old school in comparison.

  6. 6 Alex D.

    I was lucky enough to attend the Cingular 8700 rollout party and am supposed to get one from them in the mail but I am still waiting. :(

  7. 7 Matt

    Its nice.The keyboard takes a little getting used to vs. the 7290 but I have gotten used to it already. The backlight and screen are great, and the faster processor coupled with EDGE makes the overall experience seem a whole lot faster.

    There are some other nice addons that I either never noticed on the 7290, or are actually new - like autocompleted email addresses, you can use the phone keys to start the phone application while locked, speakerphone, and you can easily save image attachments locally now it seems. Profiles are a bit more customizable now, and you can add “exceptions” so that calls from your S.O., boss, client, whatever, always ring through.

    The only complaint so far is that the SIM card slides down and back under the battery, unlike the “flip up” holder that the 7290 had, which I found more convienent. I had to remove and reinsert my sim into the 8700c a few times before it would not go to “SIM Card Error” after a few minutes.

    Overall, though, great device!

  8. 8 David

    Bluetooth seems improved. Volume is much louder in my ear with the 8700c than with the 7290.

  9. 9 Nick

    I ordered my 8700r from Rogers Wirless and had it shipped within 1day…I was impressed to say the least.

    I’ve had a BlackBerry for many many years and recently switched back from a Treo 650. (What was I thinking)

    The 8700 is a great device and recommend it to anyone who is thinking of buying one.

  10. 10 Andy C.

    Nope. Not me. Sorry to say. You guys have fun with the new toys!

  11. 11 Jared G.

    Went to local upper east side Cingular store yesterday. Entire staff save for the manager and two trainees called in sick so I was in there for nearly 2 hours - and I was only the second person in line! But I got the device. So far it seems superb - it is my first BlackBerry after using a phone/sidekick tandem for a while. I had considered a Treo but now I am quite happy. It is lighter and more comfortable as a phone than a Treo. I had originally planned to use a Razr as a backup phone for when I don’t need the BlackBerry but it is so comfortable I am reconsidering that. I even got it synch’d to my iMac via some third party software, so I didn’t lose all my contacts. And the web browsing experience is excellent compared to either my sidekick or non-EVDO Verizon phone.

    Definitely Thumbs Up.

  12. 12 Jordan

    Picked my 8700c up today. I like the form alot. It seems to sit better in your hands. The menus and screen look great. I also really like the imporved speed of the browser and chip. I went to two cingular stores in the bay area yesterday morning and both told me they had no clue what i was talking about. My friend reminded me to check out the corporate location. They had about 40 there today. So if you live near Palo Alto, CA head on down to the cingular store on el camino.

  13. 13 stewart ingles

    ordered it as soon as rogers gave me a great deal, 149.95 on a 3 yr plan, saw it, played with it, i think rim did a great job,
    cant wait for the next one to upgrade too

  14. 14 Benson

    After numerous calls to my local Cingular store, and calls to Cingular direct, most had no clue what I was talking about. But I didn’t give up. Taking every opportunity to check in on BBHub to get the latest, I knew I’d run into one sooner or later…

    Finally got hold of the manager of my local store yesterday (Black Friday). “Nope, don’t have one. Should get ‘em by Christmas.” CHRISTMAS??

    Anyhow, following my weekly Saturday Costco trip, I decided to just drop in to the Cingular store (they’re nearly next door to each other here in Temecula, CA) to see if I’d get lucky. As soon as I walked in, a salesguy promptly asked how he could help. “Looking for the new BB, or I’m swingin’ to Nextel”. Out came a shiny new 8700c! It took everything I had to contain my excitement. In the end, I was so thrilled to have that baby in my hands, I sprung for a new RAZR for the wife too (not completely altruistic; had to buy her off after the $349 Cingular charged me for the 8700c with 2 yr gig…turns out they don’t treat their existing customers as well as new ones).

    Long story longer…I have it home, and it still doesn’t work yet. “SIM Card Rejected” is the only greeting I’ve thus far received. And, I haven’t got the Bluetooth working yet.

    Oh well, I’ve been this patient thus far (reading BBHub everyday hasn’t helped any, I assure you). So now I’m just getting my ducks in order, backing up my 2.5 year old 7280 so I can upload to the new guy, then we’ll see. I’ll post my experiences once my 8700c starts working on the Cingular network. (Then, I absolutely gotta get my Magmic No Limit Texas Hold’Em King 2 on this thing. I expect it’ll zoom on the new processor!)

    Sorry for the long post. Happy Turkey Day.

  15. 15 Jensterd

    I was at Cingular when they opened on Black Friday - and I got the only Blackberry 8700c they got in! I have had friends with a Treo 650 - and the 8700c is definitely superior!!

    -Reception: Clear and constant. I did some driving around the metro area, through spots where the Treo would drop calls. The 8700c kept the call online - a definite improvement.

    -Clarity: The screen is sharp and vibrant. I like the new themes, the expanded fonts, and the wallpaper selection. I can even send emails to expand the choices.

    -Buttons: Easy to use - the new programmable button on the left is a nice touch. Keyboard is well spaced and easy to use.

    -Ease of use: Incredible! It took a while to get use to the wheel - very sensitive - but I like the ability to cut & paste across the different applications and fields.

    -Functions: Standard apps - mail, calendar, etc. - all present and accounted for. They also included a Breakout game - I’m addicted already.

    -Other comments: Bluetooth - solid, works great. Size and weight - comfortable and light. Volume/speakerphone - it sounds equal or better to a landline!

    and lastly, my favorite:
    -Internet: With Cingular EDGE, I can download a page in less than 15 seconds. There’s even the ability to cache pages - I set google as my home page, and it loads in under a second now!

    Now, a few drawbacks:
    -No ability to dial using voice. I think RIMM has a mental block against this feature!
    -No JAVAScript. I’m going to need to do a little research to find the mobile version of some web sites.
    -No ability to expand memory. I’m using it for everything - hopefully it’s got the built-in capacity! Stay tuned…

    All in all - a definite winner! I’ve haven’t been this impressed with a new “gadget” since I met my first Palm PDA!

    Final Score: 9.5/10

  16. 16 David

    Jensterd -

    Very nice review. I too am disappointed about the lack of Java but love the 8700c overall.


  17. 17 Caleb

    I got a 8700c on Black Friday here in GA at the Mall of GA Cingular store. The sales staff was very helpful. I actually got it on a whim as I had been looking at new phones and the Edge 10 caught my eye. The email features rule as everyone with a BB knows. The screen is beauuutiful and the web browsing is fast with Edge. I am new to BB and I am surprised you don’t have the ability to copy files to/from the device like a USB storage stick native.

    1) Bluetooth ONLY supports Microsoft XP SP2 version! Tech support is clueless unless you are hooking up a headset…
    2) Currently you CANT use the nice fast EDGE as a modem with your laptop :( Very sad about this and may have to return. Been doing with a v600 for 2 years.
    3) Web browser is WEAK and won’t load lots of sites very well like http://www.delta.com etc.
    Compared to a PocketPC browser or even Treo 650 it is just weak. I know it is rocking compared to previous RIM’s, but it still needs work.

    As a phone/email device it rocks. The Edge is super fast… If you are a BB addict it is time to upgrade.

  18. 18 Brian

    I got mine today. Makes the 7290 look prehistoric. The graphics are awesome and it can actually be used as a phone now. New tones you can hear, much louder speaker for phone. I bluetooth headset was a must before even at my desk. Now I don’t really need it with the speakerphone option even in the car.

  19. 19 Manny

    I’ve had it for 3 days now.

    Look and feel is miles above the 7290. It feels modern now. Really crisp graphics , animation and great sound. Great speakerphone. A tiny bit thinner and lighter. Also the extra buttons take some getting used to.

    So far my only real complaint is the keys. They are even smaller and I have had much more difficulty typing. The EDGE-enabled web browsing does not seem to be much faster, but I really haven’t used it much.

  20. 20 Cody Kelly

    Bought my 8700 yesterday. I’ve used a lot of different PDAs, but not too many smartphones. I would have to say I’m somewhat disappointed, what with all the hype surrounding these.

    I’m especially dissatisfied that I cannot use it as a modem for my laptop. If I don’t find a hack for it soon, I’ll probably get rid of it. Seems an awful waste to spend so much money and not gain that functionality.

  21. 21 Sujeet

    At first look, the 8700c is very nice. Great finish, solid feel and a good form factor that fits even the 7210’s stand-up cradle.

    Upon further exploration, one sees the little currency / speakerphone button and the the light-sensing backlight. So far, so good.

    The two “convenience” buttons on the front and the side are an interesting plus, too. Especially since they are programmable for almost anything you would like them to bring up.

    The sound’s excellent, and while I haven’t “stress-tested” it out as thoroughly as my previous BB, I think the sound quality is a lot better than the previous ones.

    One downside - I miss the sideways navigation keys. Unless I’m missing some instructions, I think those were dropped from the new keyboard layout. I can’t go from “M” to “T” in the calendar without scrolling through all of Monday’s appointments. Perhaps not a big deal, but I wonder if this could have a bigger impact when composing email / using text entry.

    The HTML / WML browser is a big plus. Dito for the password-management program and the Pictures application. If you can’t figure out how to “upload” pictures into the 8700c, just attach ‘em into an email that you’ll open on the device. The “/home/user/pictures” Save location is accessed by the Pictures application. Interestingly enough, pictures get resampled (and resized) VERY well. A drastic drop in file size with a negligible loss in picture quality / resolution. Kudos to RIM!

    The “Themes” are interesting, too. I think I’ll keep the “icons” on for now and move to the “lists” eventually - with a custom picture as the background.

    Another little nit-pick. The microphone port / “hole” is on the left of the device, as compared to down the center / bottom in the previous ones. Not that this affects voice quality at all, though.

    The SIM card holder is a lot better constructed than the previous models, too. I know this one will hold the SIM right and tight.

    All in all, four stars out of five. I would attribute the one missing star to it not offering BlueTooth data connectivity to laptops.

  22. 22 sam

    just bought a 8700 2 days ago…cant get the darn thing to work, just keeps lpoadin up n all the time…wats goin on..can any1 help?

  23. 23 sam

    loadin up not lpoading

  24. 24 jimbo

    You CAN use the 8700 as a modem. Easy as pie. Google it and you’ll be laptop’ing with your 8700 in about 3 minutes.

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