Turning Off Calender Reminders


Some people find it a lot easier to handle all calender and appointment duties on their computer. So instead of getting those annoying calender reminder pop ups 15 or 30 minutes before any appointment you can completely turn them off.

To do so, do the following:

1. On the device Home screen, click Calendar.

2. Click the trackwheel and select Options.

3. Highlight the Default Reminder, click the trackwheel, and select Change Option.

4. Select None, click the trackwheel, and select Save.

9 Responses to “Turning Off Calender Reminders”

  1. 1 Nicole

    But the problem with this is that it works for appointments created on your BlackBerry, but for appointments created in Outlook, the reminder still pops up. Is there anyway to switch off the reminder pop ups completely?

  2. 2 SQ

    Set the Default Reminder to vibrate.

  3. 3 Jonny

    Yeah, this is not really a great solution. Is it not possible to find a hack somewhere, where it simply ignores to show the stupid annoying popup every time there is a reminder?

  4. 4 liidogirl

    I have my BB set to “none” for default reminder and also the same in Outlook, but I still am getting the reminder tones which are all so annoying.

    It used to not do this. Any ideas on how to make the BB act the way it’s supposed to?

  5. 5 Monty

    This is merely changing the default reminder time for new appointments. This is not what people are asking for. They want the device to stop having reminders, while Outlook continues to have them. I am gathering by browsing in Google land that there is no way to do this with the BlackBerry. I hope RIM is reading this, as this is a major shortcoming of the device.

  6. 6 mla1

    *****SOLUTION TO STOP REMINDERS on blackberry **********

    download version 4.5 firmware to the blackerry.
    Click on calendar
    Scroll down to highlight desktop (or the calendar you wish to set).
    Scroll down to display reminders
    change the option to No
    Be sure to click the scroll wheel again and click save.

  7. 7 Wayne

    The solution given will not stop the Blackberry from turning on for calendar reminders. I have 4.5 firmware, I have told the Blackberry not to display reminders for anything and yet it still insists on turning the Blackberry on when calendar events are due. There is simply no way to get it to stop.

  8. 8 ER

    I just want to add my “vote” on this - This is a major disadvantage. The kind of annoyance that would make me consider switching to a BB competitor. I use reminders and manage them on my PC. I do not want to have to click through a bunch of reminders when I go to my BB to look up a contact or whatever. This is *very* annoying. And I have had other colleagues ask about how to turn off the reminders. I urge RIM to do some market research on this point. I’d bet that there is a material % of users that find this to be a frustration. Please include this improvement in your next version, or I (and others) may look elsewhere.

  9. 9 Chris

    The following worked for me to disable the annoying reminders from popping up:
    Click calendar
    Click BB button
    Click Options
    Click Desktop (under Calendars)
    Change “Display Reminders” from Yes to No
    Save changes.

    I have version 4.7 (and change) on a Storm.

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