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Ask Us! Error 411?

Amy asks us,

I am getting an error 411 on my Blackberry. Can you tell me what the error means and maybe the solution to fix it.

When you get error 411 on your Blackberry it is something to do with the radio failing. If it’s a software issue then you can easily fix it by reloading the Blackberry OS, however if it’s a hardware issue then you will need to contact your carrier. You can reload your Blackberry OS by backing up your files first, erasing all the applications through Application Loader, then reloading the backup file you saved previously.

One Response to “Ask Us! Error 411?”

  1. Kev
    February 17th, 2006 20:35

    I am getting the same error on my 7100x. I beleive it something to do with the Bluetooth. Have you found a solution?

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