Notify Technology Provides an Alternative Solution for BlackBerry Users

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Notify Technology Corporation , today announced that its NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Microsoft Exchange and Novell GroupWise can provide a viable solution for those organizations looking for an enterprise alternative or backup plan using their installed base of BlackBerry(R) devices from Research In Motion (RIM). From its initial release in early 2000, Notify Technology’s NotifyLink Enterprise Edition product has supported organizations using a variety of BlackBerry devices. The NotifyLink Enterprise Edition provides organizations with secure, synchronized email, calendar, contacts, and task information supporting any mix and match of BlackBerry, Treo, and Windows Mobile devices on most wireless carriers or 802.11x networks. Organizations seeking an alternative solution for using their current BlackBerry devices are encouraged to contact Notify to discuss their enterprise wireless email and PIM requirements.

Over the past five years, Notify has provided hundreds of companies and organizations including government, legal, healthcare and education with a single solution for their complete wireless mobility needs. Most of Notify’s customers use the NotifyLink Enterprise Edition because of their desire to support a variety of wireless devices with a single enterprise solution. Notify provides both an “On-Premise” and a “Hosted” version of its NotifyLink Enterprise Edition for Novell GroupWise and Microsoft Exchange that supports any mix and match of BlackBerry, Treo, and Windows Mobile devices on most wireless carriers or 802.11x networks.

For the past three years, Notify has been recognized by Gartner in its Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Wireless Email Software 2H’05. Gartner has positioned Notify in the “niche” player Quadrant providing Novell GroupWise, Microsoft Exchange, and a variety of IMAP4 email customers with a single solution that is device and carrier agnostic supporting a variety of email platforms.

“Over the past couple of weeks we have had numerous inquiries from large and small organizations using BlackBerry devices asking questions about their BlackBerry options and looking for a possible alternative” said Paul DePond, President of Notify Technology. “We are delighted we can provide these users with an alternative solution for using their current BlackBerry devices along with the option to support other wireless devices they may have or need to support. In several cases we were able to provide organizations an immediate solution to evaluate in order to meet their management requests for an alternate solution.”

Most recently Notify has launched several new versions of its NotifyLink Enterprise Edition that support a variety of IMAP4 email platforms including the Sun Java Enterprise Suite, the Oracle Collaboration Suite, the Scalix Enterprise Edition, the Mirapoint Message Server, the CommuniGate Pro System, and the Gordano Messaging Server.

  • Michael Veach
    Due to a corporate restructuring I was just forced from a BlackBerry Enterprise Server to the NotifyLink Enterprise Edition solution. That move has ensured I will not be having a happy New Year! Using NotifyLink on a BlackBerry is like replacing the suspension, drive train, and interior of a BMW 745 with parts from a Yugo. It still looks like a BMW, but that is all. The NotifyLink interface is immature, invasive, unintuitive . . . just plain crap. It doesn’t use the default folders (you have dig down through the applications menu to somewhere below Brickbreaker), no nice little icon to tell you how many new messages you have, no useful configuration options or any other niceties offered by the BlackBerry solution. One real pet peeve is that every time you read a message you have to tell it whether to mark it read on the server; what a pain. And the web based client side of the application looks like my 12 year-old’s first attempt at an interactive web interface; just not as good. This may be an acceptable solution for Palm and Pocket PC phones that lack an integrated push application, but it is just plain cruel to foist it on BlackBerry users who have experienced a quality product. Maybe this is a cost cutting tool, because I am going to save the company some money and ditch mobile messaging if NotifyLink is my only choice.
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