NTP Co-founder says no Talks with RIM Since June


BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. has not talked with NTP Inc. since June about settling a patent infringement suit that could shut down RIM’s U.S. service, NTP co-founder Don Stout said on Wednesday. Stout, who is also a patent lawyer, said there is no sign that settlement talks will resume soon. He pledged to continue to pursue a court injunction that would shut down the popular BlackBerry wireless e-mail service in the United States.

“There’s nothing to indicate that they have any inclination to settle the case that I’m aware of,” he told Reuters in an interview.

“RIM’s got to come up and settle the case in terms that are acceptable to us if they want to avoid an injunction.”

Contacted earlier on Wednesday, a RIM spokeswoman had no immediate comment on the last time the Waterloo, Ontario-based company had spoken with NTP.