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Keeping Full Brightness on Blackberry 8700

One of the new features of the 8700 is the new intelligent light sensor that automatically optimizes screen lighting levels for indoor and outdoor viewing. In most cases the auto sensor works fairly well but in situations where there is no light or not much light we found that the brightness is not enough. If you’re new to the 8700 you probably were looking for the light button on the bottom right, but then you find out it’s not there anymore. It’s actually still there, but it is now labelled as the power button which can be located on the top of the Blackberry. It has three settings, press once to turn the screen to full brightness, press a second time to turn off screen, and a third to turn on the automatic light sensor setting.

One Response to “Keeping Full Brightness on Blackberry 8700”

  1. Jim Harry
    December 19th, 2005 15:44

    You can also turn set the “Automatic Backlight” setting to “Off” under Options, then Screen/Keyboard. Of course, that turns off the light-sensing feature all together.

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