Judge Spencer Sets Filing Deadline


The U.S. judge overseeing the patent infringement case against BlackBerry maker Research In Motion Ltd. on Friday ordered both sides to file final legal briefs by February 1 as he considers a request that could halt the popular mobile e-mail service. U.S. District Judge James Spencer set filing deadlines for both RIM and the plaintiff in the case, patent holding company NTP Inc., which is seeking a shutdown of most U.S. BlackBerry sales and service in the United States.

According to an order issued by the judge, both sides have until January 17 to submit briefs on a possible injunction and damages. They then have until February 1 to respond to each other. Spencer said he would contact the sides next month to schedule a court hearing.

“I would guess that the hearing would be about a week after (the final briefs are filed),” NTP lawyer James Wallace said.