Winner of Weekend Contest ‘RIM and The Media’

This weekend contest asked whether RIM’s non-disclosure stance was the proper way to handle their legal issues with NTP. Not long after we brought up that question, this week RIM came out fighting and took their message to the media. New announcements include, RIM will be reporting the details of the workaround, Balsillie accusing NTP of abusing the US patent system, and then publicly coming out that they will settle for a fair rate.

This weekend winner is Rob, who also brought up the issue of the broken down patent system.

The greater theme in this case is the issue with the US Patent System. You have one small company in Virginia, that was only started to horde patents and would never build a product. Whereas RIM has built a very successful company with a functioning product that people love and rely on.

For his troubles, Rob wins a free 1-year subscription to Pocket Express.

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