Microsoft CTO Used A Blackberry

Ray OzzieYou may be familiar with Ray Ozzie, he is Microsoft’s CTO and was the original creator of Lotus Notes. Earlier this year he made some major news when a leaked Microsoft memo from Ray Ozzie described some of the mistakes his company has made in recent years, one of them not pursuing RIM’s push email space earlier. What’s interesting is that Ray Ozzie use to used a Blackberry himself months ago, he writes on his blog,

I look forward to using more and more Windows Mobile devices. Months ago I pulled the plug on my blackberry and went cold turkey to an HTC Typhoon-class device. A great device that is much more useful for triaging email than I’d imagined, but I really do need a thumb keyboard. As of last week I’m now using/testing the upcoming Treo 700w, and it’s great! The pipeline of cool devices about to emerge is stunning, and the software platform incomparable. Much to look forward to, and many new ideas for Jack as to what we might do with these devices’ capabilities…

He fully admits that the form function of the Blackberry is much better and that Windows Mobile will not succeed until they get a device with one. It’s an interesting tidbit because many people thought Palm approached Microsoft to put Windows Mobile on their upcoming Treo 700w, but it may have been the other way around.

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